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Your conscience, is your Soul, crying, sometimes screaming out to you to either stop or start whatever behaviour you are doing that insults its love for humanity and the righteousness of Spirit.

Unlike intuition that originates within Spirit, which leaves fast and feather light impressions of knowing upon the mind and heart, conscience is up front, in your face, all over your body, begging you to stop its suffering by either making amends and/or start or end whatever behaviour or activity is breaking not only its heart but all the hearts in its keeping for your Soul is one with all Souls.

Conscience demands that you respect and follow her universal laws of love. The Soul, when in pain, is blatant in her call for healing. Conscience is very hard to ignore. This sort of pain if covered up tends to leave one ill at ease, while over the years contributing to a dis-ease that eats at one from the inside out.

Always heed the voice of conscience, the voice of Soul. Take heart also in knowing that in having a conscience, and being able to feel it, you have a strong connection to Soul even if it hurts. If one has no conscience, one could be termed as being completely unconscious of their own Soul.

Those without a conscience tend to be new souls on their evolutionary path, who have yet to really meet their Soul and respect her universal laws the protect all beings alike, as One.

Think of the conscience as one would the limbic system that expresses emotion compared to the CNS or PNS that expresses thought. Emotions affect us deeply to our core, whereas thoughts come and go quickly. Always heed your conscience if you care at all for your body and the body of the world.

Spirit or Consciousness can ONLY come through the loving abyss of the Soul.

~ Tracy Pierce

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