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The secret teaching of Jesus which he gave to his disciples is this - That all power is given to us in heaven and on earth, and that power is our own Divine Consciousness. That is where we have dominion as consciousness being Awareness.

The subconscious is far more than what the conscious mind in this lifetime has fed into it. The subconscious is an accumulation of many lifetimes, many incarnations. Moreover, within the subconscious is the door to the superconscious which feeds into the subconscious just like the conscious mind. The subconscious does the bidding of the true Consciousness or Self (Father) just like it does for the conscious mind (Son). The subconscious produces that which it embodies by reacting emotionally to it and giving it motion – inspiring the body to move. Remember Awareness, which the Soul/subconscious is, is the activity of Consciousness.

Our true Consciousness (Spirit) Spirit that embodies our Awareness (Soul), feeds the subconscious through it body of Awareness, in which the subconscious resides. Consciousness through the totality of being Soul has dominion over what we THINK is our own subconscious as much as we, the Son or Incarnate Spirit does. The subconscious is what the ego claims as his own Soul due to it being the only part of the Soul it is conscious of, therefore has dominion over to a degree. In other words, the present moment and everyone in it is the Soul itself and directed by our true Self, our true Consciousness. This is why we witness synchronicity and serendipity when we are in alignment with our true Self. Our true Self has dominion over all being - meaning the subconscious of all being. If the true Self wants to enact anything on the world stage, it simply impregnates anyone's subconscious with those wishes unbeknown to the ego. The whole of life – literally conspires to bring to fruition the Fathers wishes, (Not the egos) so long as the son is aligned with its true being by virtue of holding the Christ mind as opposed to the egoic mind. So long as one lives under Grace. Grace being the conscious realization of being all in one and one in all.

However, so long as the false I or ego is in operation, the demonstrations and manifestations of true Self will forever be distorted and delayed but never destroyed. Eventually everyone comes under Grace through the realization of Self.

If the son is not conscious of its true Consciousness it will ignorantly and inadvertently work against it. Often its dreams for its life will be different from the Fathers thereby opposing and disfiguring the manifestations and demonstrations of its true Consciousness. To use an analogy, if you (ego) where taught to drive on the left side of the road and the true Self drove of the right side, then eventually one is going to crash due to not going with the natural flow of traffic/life.

The subconscious is the true Soul also therefore under the dominion of the Father - our true Consciousness. Both the (thought there really is only one) the consciousness of which the father and the son impregnate the subconscious with the word. The subconscious does the will of both, producing both the effects of our true Consciousness and the false (egoic) consciousness hence we have duality and separation played out on the world stage. We have both health (True consciousness) and sickness (false consciousness).

The true mind, the Christ or Buddha mind allows the word of the true Consciousness or Father to bubble up into its consciousness, via the door within the subconscious, as intuition which it then analyses, forming mental pictures that it feeds back into the subconscious to manifests into the physical. Remember only Awareness - the Soul can produce form. If the conscious mind is in its egoic form, it does not receive this information from its superconscious via the subconscious. Instead, it rises in thought itself, believing itself to be separate from the whole, creating false images born from a mind cut off from its Source. These false images are feed into the subconscious, and which often are in direct conflict with the flow of life, with the wishes of the true Self. This is why we suffer.

Once the conscious mind moves out of its egoic state and merges with its true Consciousness that we refer to as the Father, then it will stop destroying the true peace and bliss inherent to the Christ or Buddha mind. It will stop interfering with the true manifestation of its true Self, the Father or true Consciousness that sits behind our true Soul - Awareness aka the present moment or life itself. We must lose our body consciousness in favour of our true Consciousness if we are to ever be liberated from the suffering of an egoic mind and experience Self-realization.

~ Tracy Pierce

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