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Meditation is being. Being is considered 'life in its totality unfolding as Now'. Meditation is the personal melting into the impersonal. The personal being 'mind consciousness' aka thought and the Impersonal being 'Undifferentiated Awareness (Soul) being Nonconceptual Consciousness (Spirit)'. Meditation is a permanent state of mind held in a singular manner effortlessly, not IN the moment but AS the moment. It is not something you do for a few minutes a day to enhance your egoic lifestyle. It is your natural state of being whether you are breathing or not. Being or meditating is not something you practice doing but a state of mind that arises when one ceases deluding themselves with the taking and creation of thought.

There is only the present moment and thought (thinking). Pick which one you are going to attend by virtue of where your attention is. Either one is in thought - illusion or one is in the present moment - reality. You are either being in and as the present moment - reality - or you are thinking about it. You are either eating an ice-cream or you are thinking about it. There is only ONE reality. When one is thinking however, there are as many different illusionary realities as there are people populating the planet. The only way we can come together as One is with the being mind that is the presence of the moment guided by our true Self, our true Consciousness as Spirit. Thinking separates us all into different camps while cutting us off from our true Consciousness.

Our "I am" is either being used as a channel to receive intuition or it is busy taking and creating thought from itself while ignorant of its true Consciousness.

One practises meditation for one purpose and one purpose only; to realize the true Self and live one's true purpose for being which is always in service of the whole. The meditative mind ensures you, as mind consciousness serve your true Consciousness whilst not living in vain. In other words, one ceases creating thought from what one deems to be 'their own personal' consciousness and allows the mind - your I am-ness to be thought upon or given intuition instead. One lives for their highest calling and purpose, both individually and as the whole, which are one and the same thing. Your neighbour is Thy Self in the grand scheme of things. There is no such thing as 'others' in reality.

One must pray/meditate without ceasing. It must be like breathing. Automatic and constant. Therefore, one must constantly and consciously practice holding the mind in such a fashion, until the subconscious picks it up and joins the party habitually, bringing the conscious mind relief, in that it becomes effortless. The conscious and subconscious mind working together leaves one in an alert awareness or meditative mindset that is contusive to intuiting Spirit information.

Thinking is only necessary approximately ten percent of the time in order to translate knowing aka Faith into knowledge

While in such a meditative state, one draws the Holy Spirit (Intuition) into oneself, while raising or expanding into one's Spiritual or Conscious fullness.

Self-Realization is nothing more than using the mind in the correct fashion, so one can realize one's true Being that IS Awareness being Consciousness or put another way, Soul being Spirit, rather than confusing and limiting yourself with thought taken by a Consciousness ignorant of its true Self.

I am that I am is basically an equation. I am Spirit that I am mind. If the mind is not conscious of itself as Spirit, then it is like a branch cut off from the vine. The mind cannot bring into the world what it is not conscious of. Meditation allows for a conscious connection to be made. Thinking disconnects that connection.

Word of warning: Be wary of the mind. It is a tricky little impostor. The mind tries to meditate. It tries to meditate in just the right manner. The irony of this of course is meditation is the absence of that which is trying to mediate better than anyone else and in just the right manner.

Meditation is simply being real, being conscious, being present in the awareness of and as the moment. Perhaps when you practice meditation, do not try to meditate. Instead, say to yourself, right now I am going to stay as present and as aware and as relaxed as I can be in this moment while open to guidance from within, in whatever form that takes. Then have no expectations of this practice. Simply be in it. Enjoy it. Even ten minutes a day is better than nothing. Those ten minutes, is enough to let the light shine on your ways, helping you extend it to fifteen minutes and then twenty etc.

Be still (mentally) and know that I am God - Psalm 46

~ Tracy Pierce

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