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The heart is another word we use for the Subconscious, which is also known as the Human Soul which reincarnates lifetime after lifetime in preparation for the coming of the true Self which fulfils itself as a Divine Idea in the flesh. The Subconscious is your depiction and experience of the Present Moment. Everyone's subconscious collectively is the totality of the present moment, which is why it is important to have the Conscious Mind rest within it rather than rising outside of it in thinking. The activity behind the Present Moment it is the Soul itself upheld & fulfilled by Spirit. Everything that is unconscious in us subconsciously is displayed in the present moment of our reality. This is how we become more conscious of our Self beyond the mind and body. Through living - through suffering ourselves in the physical, we heal the subconscious within by healing it without. Once the Subconscious Aka our Temple is healed and purified the conscious Mind which we use to think with, can rest in its peace (RIP), holding a meditative mind that is contusive to realizing the true Self, which lifts the consciousness of mind up into itself so that I live yet not I. We have died to the Ego and been born again of Spirit.

~ Love Tracy

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