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When faced with a wicked problem, relax. I know that seems completely counter intuitive however it is the best thing you can do. I know it sounds ludicrous to take the brakes of when crashing - but that is what you must do. The brakes are the thinking mind. The mind when faced with a problem, will get busy right away finding a solution. In fact, it will get more than busy, it will obsess over it until the problem is solved. Or take some seriously heavy drugs so that reality is obliterated. Problem solved or rather delayed.

The reason I tell you to take the brakes off and relax as deeply and as profoundly as you can is because you do not want to employ the Conscious Mind in this problem-solving exercise. It is slow, it is limited and almost blind as to be of very little use to you. In fact, it could very well be detrimental. So, cease thinking immediately and allow yourself to deeply relax both your mind and body to the point they are utterly receptive to whatever comes their way. Notice I say allow rather that make. Relaxing is like floating or sleeping. You cannot make yourself do either, all you can do it give up to the body of water or surrender the mind and body to its rest. You want your true intelligence - your true Consciousness as Spirit to come forth and solve your problem. Spirit is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient, therefore, has the entire world at its disposal when problem solving. Moreover, because Spirit is all powerful, always present and all knowing, it considers the whole as much as the individual. ‘

Thy Consciousness as Spirit cannot solve your problems for you as the Consciousness of Mind if you do not leave the Temple door open within and as yourself, while awaiting intuitive guidance. If you are busy freaking out, present in your thoughts searching for solutions - you will not be present in your Temple, therefore unable to become conscious of the solutions given via your true Self. Your attention cannot be in two places as once. Try it and see. Focus on something to the left of you, then see if you can hold the same focus to the right of you. Impossible. So, it is with creating thought and receiving it. You cannot listen while talking. You will remain not only unconscious to intuition but to the Holy Spirit you are - The I within the I. A false sense of Self is akin to a paraplegic. There is so much more of your body yet to use!

However, the good news is, you can still receive intuition even if you are not fully realized. We are all in different stages of realization. Naturally, each stage renders a different quality and quantity of intuition, however, take heart for what the Father (Spiritual I) does not raise, the mother (Soul Am) does through Karma. Note also, we are at the point in evolution whereby the Universal Mind (Which is all minds collectively put together as One) is moving into a more enlightened state of Being. Either because we have all awakened or died - lol. Either way, realization is nigh for the whole. When I say nigh as in close, I mean relatively speaking. Within the next 800 years provided we do not annihilate ourselves first. No need to panic though for the Alpha can raise the Omega up again in 3 days which in my opinion are the 4th 5th and 6th day of creation whereby the Consciousness of Mind comes into Being. Either way the Omega (Form) like its creator (The Unformed) is eternal even in its temporary evanescent states.

For instance, I am not fully realized. I simply have a gift or talent, depending on your choice of words, for claircogizance in regard to anything I am passionate about. I have to love it with all thy heart (Subconscious Aka Human Soul) and with all thy soul (All that I Am - thy true & eternal Soul), and with all thy mind (Conscious Mind that I use to either create thought with or listen to Spirit) and with all thy strength (My physical body). Only complete multidimensional alignment of Being - which equates to being under and as Grace, is the Holy Spirit able come into the world and illuminate you. For me, its metaphysics and writing. I NEVER stop meditating on first principles. Everything and one I am conscious of, I always in all ways take it or them back to their first principle. Everything is crystal clear to me when it comes to the bones of our existence, as I call it. So, I write about it - journaling my own journey back home to Thy Self: my own Self-Realization. Then I share it with the world for that is what gifts are for. They are for sharing or giving away. They are for the world even though they are felt as your own personal bliss. Everyone has a talent of some sort or an array of talents. These talents are like the sun peeking through grey clouds, illuminating and warming all within its path - including the giver. It could be metaphysics, it could painting, it could be singing, it could be anything at all. It is in fact, a clear channel or part of your being that is unfiltered, unfettered, and free, so that your true Self can shine upon the world.

Only by being still mentally - profoundly relaxed in and AS the moment (In that you have lost all personal sense of Self) can you realize the true Self. In other words, only through the meditative mind can you move beyond communion to union. This requires purification of the Subconscious so that the Conscious Mind stops rising in thought. When you are at peace emotionally, you are intellectually. This Temple that is now pure and whole is a perfect dwelling place for they Holy Spirit to impart its wisdom. In other words, the I of Spirit merges with the I of Mind, so that "I live; yet not I" - Galatians 2:20. The shift in consciousness is this. One day you only know yourself as only the personal and the next you know Thy Self Impersonally living through the personal. The shift in consciousness is huge. Reality falls apart only to come back together again whole and magnificent. One begins to see the extra in the ordinary.

~ Tracy Pierce

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