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The difference between the thinking mind that gives rise to the Ego and the Being mind that reveals one's true and eternal Self is the right use of mind vs the wrong use.

The Conscious Mind Aka Inner I - that which we use to 'think' with, was not created for the purpose of creating life via thinking/knowledge. The Conscious Mind was created to receive and analyse intuition taken from Spirit, for the Subconscious to process into manifestation, all the while acting as a witness or audience member with a front row seat, if you like. Without the light of the Conscious Mind, nothing could bear fruit in the Subconscious, any more than anything on earth could grow without Sunlight. Whatever the Conscious Mind is conscious of - it will give life too. The thinking mind is only necessary for making Conscious what is unconscious, via the Light (Natural Intelligence) as one's Presence of Being, and for processing knowing (Intuition) into knowledge. The Conscious Mind is a reflection and vessel for its true Consciousness that fills it with the Holy Ghost (intuition) when it is still enough to receive it.

The Conscious Mind is a bit like a magnifying glass. If it is kept still under the light of its true and eternal Consciousness; the true Self that is and of the Present Moment, it is a very powerful tool - a most pure instrument of and for Peace for it is concentrated and deep. It is aligned with all aspects of its Being as Cause. This is being under Grace AS Grace. If the Conscious Mind is active due to thinking and defiled the Subconscious through ignorance/ wrong use of mind, this light becomes fractured like in a kaleidoscope. It becomes dissipated and weak, casting shadows such as disease and chaos upon the perfection of the true Self's creation as the Alpha expressing itself through and as the Omega. The I of Spirit, flows through the Am of Soul that bonds the shards of Mind into a unifying whole by projecting itself into as everything. The Unmanifest Soul is love in everything. It is the unmanifested Movement of life that is the true expression of Spiritual Omniscience.

An unfiltered mind that has been purified and tempered, allows the Conscious Mind to rest within its Peace, dying to itself while born again in and of Spirit. In other words, one stops identifying as Mind Consciousness through realizing their true Consciousness, which is done through and in the Subconscious/Present Moment/Soul. The mind settles down into its role as the Witness with the lamp when its master appears.

So, creation Aka Present Moment would look like this. Spiritual Consciousness (I) --> Soul Awareness (Am) --> /mirror/ --> (Ma) Subconscious Mind --> (I) Conscious Mind --> Subconscious Mind/Manifestation.

This means that one’s Causative intelligence is expressed through the love of Soul that hardwires the Subconscious to emote, inspire and direct the conscious mind to light up and cognize (make conscious) Cause into Effect. Without the light of the Conscious Mind nothing in the Subconscious could grow. The Conscious Mind Aka Inner I make conscious that which was once unconscious/unmanifest. The I of Spirit and the I of Mind is our intelligence while the Am of our Soul and subconscious is the activity and director of this Intelligence. One is a reflection of the other.

The Aware mind that is conscious, sits in a profoundly relaxed hyper-alert state of Awareness that aligns all aspects of being, that empowers one to see I to I within the differentiations of the 'Am's. When the Spiritual I is in the Inner I of mind and the mind in Spirit, clairsentience is the result. Claircognizance is experienced in the same way children are born and they already know how to play the piano or paint or anything really. They have been receiving tuition from within, rather than through sensory input or 'thinking' derived from memory and plasticity of mind.

One's true and eternal Consciousness is expressed as and through the Soul that in turn reflects and projects itself into and as the Subconscious Mind, that reincarnates. The Subconscious, like every other living being contains DNA/RNA to ensure it takes the form and role it is meant to in life. A role that would play out perfectly if the Conscious Mind did not try to assert its ignorance and insanity on it by impregnating it day after day with Egoic false images that only resist and retard the appearances of life rather than flow with it. Years of Karma ensue until the Temple is once again purified and made ready for the coming of the Lord which is an archaic way of saying, 'Getting ready for realization of the true Self'.

A consciousness shift does actually happen, at least from my experience. For me it was - bizarre and difficult naturally to put into words, however, I love words and love always finds a way. It is like looking in the mirror at your reflection - when all of a sudden, the world turns on its axis and you are in the mirror looking at yourself - the real you - that you now realize, you were all along! You will laugh and laugh. Of course, nothing has changed but everything has. The relief - the calming of the heart - the deep let go - it’s all real.

Odd thing is though - 'deep sigh' - is the 'real' is hard to hold onto for a mind that is in the habit of falling asleep at the wheel, while dreaming it is still awake. One will rise and fall from Grace, through falling into maya time and time again.... until one day - communion ceases - and union is established, and one becomes stable in the Truth. Which has not happened to me yet, but I have studied everyone that has realized the Self and this is the apparent next step as stated by one and all. Plus, I know this intuitively, and my intuition metaphysically is exceptionally clear and has never deceived me or led me astray.

~ Tracy Pierce

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