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The Spiritual community often speaks of surrendering. But surrendering to what and how?

In principle you as the vessel of Consciousness (Effect) is surrendering to Consciousness itself (Cause). You as the reflected form (Personal) are surrendering to your true Self as the formless (Impersonal) One. You are as the vessel of Spirit (your true Self) surrendering to Spirit. It's all you, however you as the vessel of consciousness that is personal are under the illusion of there being two instead of One. That you are a drop (1) in the ocean (2), however that is not true - you are the ocean in one drop. The personal is the avatar of the impersonal which you in truth are. You are Cause being Effect, with no real differentiation. Any differentiation is an illusion. Not an illusion to be dispelled but to be understood and known so that one does not leave the dream but wakes up in it.

In other words, you are surrendering to a higher aspect of yourself. You are sacrificing the thinking mind for the being mind. In order to do so, one must surrender one's ability to create, follow after or dwell on and in thought either created personally or taken from the universal mind, which is a collection of worlds thought and knowledge.

Instead of taking thought for the moment you are in, you give yourself up to the moment AS the moment. You accept the moment for what it is, doing your heartfelt best in it without judging or manipulating it in any way. Trust me when I tell you that awareness of the moment will guide you much better than any kind of thinking would. In that present moment awareness is intuition with the moment itself that harmonizes with Synchronicity and serendipity.

One must let go of the personal (thinking) to embrace the impersonal (Being). That is not to say one will never think again. It is to say that the way thought is used changes in both quality and quantity.

Instead of taking thought we keep our minds open as ONE thought, thereby allowing intuition to imbue the mind with knowing that guides us as it flows through us from our multi-dimensional Being. Intuition often comes as a certain and absolute 'knowing' what to do, be, say or think in the moment as it is happening. It comes as a 'knowing', which is another word for Faith, as it comes from a Spirit that is omniscient; all- knowing.

Try it. Keep your mind still and focused on being the awareness within and AS the moment and watch how you just know what to do without taking thought. It really is quite amazing. Pretend like the present moment is your best friend and is leading you on your best adventure yet. Trust it. But your heart into it.

Bear in mind, when thought stops so does your idea of a personal self. A personal self cannot survive after thinking dies, for along with the thinking mind, so do memories and any desire for the future. There is only the universe living its Life through you NOW. Instead of identifying as someone in the Now, you now know yourself to be the Now. You are its witness, and it is its good pleasure to give you the world.

This also means you have no particular desire for how your life turns out or what happens in it. You are there as its witness 'being' or life. You are not there to create life. You are there to reveal the truth, not make it up in your head or to judge it. Your life is meant to be a revelation of Spirit, not a badly written story with a twisted plot invented by the ego half out of its wits on the world stage.

In effect you are dying of yourself to live of Thy Self. That is the true plot of your story.

The beginning of this story requires slowing everything down. People tend to rush through life thinking the next moment will be better than the one they are in. Generally, it is not. So, slow your movements down deliberately. Consciously. You must stay conscious to develop a new habit. You cannot do this on automatic pilot. Slowing one's mind and body down gets one ready for meditation and mindfulness which are the next steps in our personal evolution as well as the right understanding which is fundamental.

Everyone acquires this knowledge in their own particular ways. There are as many different ways to gaining the right understanding before the death of the thinking mind (ego) as there are people. Self-Realization is different for everyone though we all end up in and as the ONE being many.

In meditation and mindfulness, the mind is at peace and relatively quiet which is the perfect ground for intuitive thought to flourish and be heard. In this manner the awareness of the mind (I am) merges seamlessly with the Awareness of Spirit being Soul (I AM). This is living by Faith and by Grace seen in the equation of I AM that I am. Usually, intuitive thoughts pertain to the moment but on the odd occasion they won't. Tuition from within maybe in answer to a question that you asked for illumination on earlier while you were sitting in direct meditation, or it may be something that your true Self wants you to be aware of and prepare you for. Remember time and space are an illusion. Everything that is going to happen, is happening now.

You may find also, and most do, that some type of shadow work in necessary as the subconscious holds onto an identity that is false and this must be left behind. One cannot rise in consciousness while weighed down in the emotions of illusion. You will likely find it very difficult to take away all your distractions that prevent you from experiencing your own emptiness and silence. At least it has been difficult for me. Just keep surrendering to the moment and you will be led out of this difficulty.

Generally, it takes three months of constant and conscious mindfulness for thoughts to stop hounding you so that your mind relaxes effortlessly while not rising unconsciously. Your subconscious has to be convinced this is how you want to live. As soon as the subconscious is at peace with itself, it will begin to manifest this peace in your reality with little to no effort needed by the conscious mind. If you hold peace in your mind (conscious mind) and heart (subconscious mind), you will eventually hold it in your hands and in your life. This is the law.

When one allows themselves to be an empty vessel the true Self shines through and lights up the world.

Once the conscious and subconscious mind have quietened down into servitude for Spirit, one will be risen up and liberated from the mind and its potent illusionary shenanigans.

~ Tracy Pierce

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