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The path of suffering is generally how people awaken. Does one wake up from a dream we love being in? No, of course not. It takes a nightmare to wake one up. The death of the ego often comes at the price of pain, humiliation, and heartbreak. All of which begs us to question our existence. We must learn, quite literally that of ourselves; we are nothing and that is usually not a fun process due to the fact we usually believe we are 'quite something'. We must become disillusioned without ourselves as a Mind directing a body, thereby seek the truth - the fullness of our Being.

“Disillusionment with yourself must precede Enlightenment.” ~ Vernon Howard

People do not search for what they do not believe is lost. Therefore, people have to lose themselves first, meaning people have to lose the idea that the mind and body is all there is to their existence. Until the Mind proves it is not your friend - people generally are happy to accept the false idea that the Mind, without its Source, is not only their friend but the totality of their existence. They are quite happy to allow the idea of being Spirit be just a theory. In fact - people will defend their identity with the mind unto death a great deal of the time. However, a wakeup call comes to us all at some point in our evolution and it is then we start to question if the mind is all there really is to our existence. It's not. The mind was created - it is not a creator as much as it likes to believe it is. The mind was created to reveal the truth - not create it.

It is true, clearly one can use the mind to create. Look out at the world as what we, unconscious of ourselves as a true Spiritual creator, have created. We have created what we are as Mind - dualism, separation and limitation. I will not argue with the fact that the mind is a formidable power - particularly in a world unconscious of Spiritual truth. However, it is nothing compared to its true Creator as Spirit - your true Self. Your true Self is not dualistic - it comes from a place of Oneness. Thy Self as Spirit is not separated from anything but all-inclusive and it is not limited but infinite and eternal. Spirit is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. Mind is not.

If people are full of themselves (meaning thought) then there is no room for the true Self to be cognized. One's attention cannot be in two places at once. People must be emptied out and this is often a painful experience. People are as proud of their thoughts as they are ashamed of them. Thought is both friend and foe. Thought is dualistic if allowed to rise beyond the singular one-pointed meditative mind which means we can never be of one mind, at peace with ourselves. Only in its oneness, only in its wholeness - aligned with itself Spiritually, is mind a friend. Only when the Minds Consciousness is not distracted by copious thoughts and feelings, that it generates itself, will the true Self behind these thoughts/feeling be revealed. Once revealed, the true Self masters the mind that we find ourselves, as mind, subject to time and time again, hence addictions. The mind cannot control itself any more than the body can. The body needs a mind to move it and likewise the mind. This is why the mind ceases the minute Spirit has left it. The mind does not die or live in and of itself.

Thoughts steal the minds consciousness, like a den of thieves, leaving the Temple of Awareness empty with no consciousness home to Self-Realize the dimensions of being outside of thought or the mental/physical realms where our consciousness as thought is presently being tied up.

People are under the illusion that there is some Spiritual Presence or Being behind each thought creating these thoughts. There is not lol. There is only the mind creating thought. The mind IS thought, so basically one thought creates another. Actually, this thought - the mind, divides itself giving the illusion of a stream of thoughts or of there being more than one thought. There is only ever one thought, one mind, one being. The active mind gives the illusion of copious thoughts. Also, as soon as there is movement of mind, the illusion of time and space come into play. For when there is a sense of two, there creates a distance, albeit an illusionary one, and where there is distance - there is time. It truly is a bizarre phenomenon. The mind must become still - only then is illusion dispelled and reality revealed.

We must learn, and usually the hard way, that we are not the creator of life but that which reveals life through the instrument of mind being body and the body of the world. We, as mind, without an established connection to our true Self, are nothing but a dead work that goes on to create from false images from a false identity. The mind is Effect creating Effect which equals a dead work. Spirit is Cause creating Effect which equates to life. Like a runaway train with no driver the mind rises in its own insanity - completely unconscious of reality - lost in its own illusions. The first sign of insanity of course, is not realizing you are.

It is the Truth (Our true Self) within us that does the work even if we are not conscious of this. It is Spirit that maintains our life, that puts the beat in our heart and the air in our lungs. The Awareness (Soul) behind the conscious mind, known firstly as the subconscious and then the Soul (Am) being Spirit (I). This is not truly realized until thought has settled down from rising and given the chance to expand within itself in realization of its own Soul within the One Soul.

The I am Consciousness of Mind, can create thought and can command the subconscious to do its bidding in the creation of Effect, but it is a mistake. The I am Consciousness of Mind needs must be still in order for one's true and eternal Consciousness as Spirit, working through the Soul (Present Moment Awareness) to think upon it - guiding it to still waters. When the Mind is active in illusion - through the creation of its own thoughts, it cannot do that. You do not want the mind leading you, for it will lead you straight to hell, which is a state of consciousness you do not want to live in for very long - thought we do - for like literally lifetimes. You want to be guided by Spirit and this can only be done with the I am of Mind surrenders its will to the I am of Spirit.

~ Tracy Pierce

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