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This is because it is not your conscious mind aka thought that changes your life. It is the subconscious. It is the subconscious that is responsible for the manifestation of life.

It takes approximately three months of steady input of a thought or behaviour before the subconscious accepts it as true and creates a habit or manifests it.

Know also your subconscious obeys more than just your consciousness as mind. It also obeys your true Self as Soul being Spirit. If this were not true, you would not be able live. Your heart would not beat, you would not be able to digest food, you would not be able to breathe. The conscious mind is responsible for none of these actions.

The subconscious through an egoic mindset that has caused repressed emotions and redundant core beliefs, needs to be healed and tempered. One way to do this is through sitting for half an hour a day, with no distractions, and let all thought and feelings rise to the surface without judging them. This is so after this period of time, you can examine them, divinely discern them and let them go.

This practice helps in the practice of meditation as the subconscious must be at peace for the conscious mind to settle within it - allowing both minds to come together as One being Present Moment Awareness.

~ Tracy Pierce

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