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The mind strives for peace while not realizing that it is in the striving that peace is lost. You do not look for peace ever. Looking for peace is akin to an eyeball looking for itself. Peace already IS. It is your true nature. It is your true self. How could you not be your true Self? Of course, you are your true Self, there are just certain circumstances around and in you that are preventing you from realizing the truth of your Being.

Clearly it is not what you go looking for, but you discard that brings the revelation you seek.

Knowing your nature is already Peace, - it is now upon you to take away everything that is inhibiting the realization of this truth. You can do it bit by bit if you like, many do, over many lifetimes. Or you can pull the problem out by the root and be done with it completely in this lifetime. This requires commitment & discipline to mindfulness & meditation, which starves egoic thought or the discerning mind, allowing one to recognize or realize their true Self as the Awareness (Soul) behind the thoughts and feelings created by the conscious mind risen out of its Temple and thereby veiling the reality of your true and eternal Beingness. The thoughts feelings and objects of ourselves in this world distract our consciousness need to make conscious the Spiritual Realm accessed through one's temple.

Speaking of the Temple, the conscious mind is meant to keep a still presence of being within both its subconscious and present moment Awareness that are of course one. This is ones Temple. In this manner the Conscious mind sits within its Temple awaiting The Holy Ghost to fill it. The Holy Ghost being Intuition and Inspiration of some kind. This is how we make conscious and give life to Spirit. Until this point, the Conscious mind was an empty vessel, blind to Spiritual vision due to the conscious mind (which makes all things conscious) being outside its temple thinking thinking thinking.

If the Conscious mind has risen in thought, it rises outside its Temple and into illusion of thought. This is why Jesus and his disciples warned against eating leavened bread. Bread meaning our mana or guidance for the day. We must take from the Spiritual realm where bread is unleavened, not from the mental realm where bread is leavened (risen). If we rise out of our temple for bread made from the mental realm, we are not at home in our Temple to receive the bread or mana from Heaven - our heaven consciousness aka true Self.

"Let us therefore celebrate the festival, not with the old leaven, the leaven of malice and evil, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth." 1 Corinthians 5:8

Thought taken from the mental realm (thinking) by the Conscious mind, drags with it unnatural emotions that sully the Temple. In repreparing the temple, the conscious mind must first sit in it and heal all erroneous core thought habits and beliefs while in an egoic state. This must be done before the Temple is used as a light to guide our ways. Our temple must be of peace in order to attract the Peace that is Soul being Spirit. In other words, peace must be established through righteous understanding and/or meditation before one can be lifted up unto the Soul.

The Conscious mind is an empty vessel due to the conscious mind rising in thought, outside its Temple of Present Moment Awareness where it is filled with the Holy Ghost aka Intuition. Intuition that will lead it to the proverbial still waters of life. This is the root of everyone's problems. Literally. Instruction must be given from the Spiritual realm of wholeness, vision and love, by the conscious and subconscious minds joined as one in and of the Temple patiently awaiting Spiritual instruction from its higher aspects of its being within the Spiritual realm.

The ignorant man looks for his truth by using his own mind to think think think his way to the answer he seeks or to look for his good in this world. The wise man keeps his mind consciously and subconsciously joined in meditation within the Temple of Present Moment Awareness, awaiting intuition and instruction from its true Self as Soul being Spirit. Here all his questions are met with answers. Here he finds he is good and in finding his goodness all that comes from him is good.

This is why striving mentally, trying to find your true self with the thinking mind is detrimental to Realization. Self-Realization can only be experienced by a still and being mind. The thinking and emotional mind creates a veil that prevents one from entering the Temple of the most hight to receive your mana/guidance. When the conscious mind rises in thought, it inadvertently rises out of its Temple where it cannot be filled with the Holy Ghost aka Intuition. The means everything thought the egoic man creates, is a false image. It is false as it did not come from the truth of his Inner Being but from his mind.

When the consciousness of mind is still and holding itself as one single thought (Meditation), it expands deeper and deeper into the Awareness of its beingness, first subconsciously, then as the Soul for the subconscious sits within the womb of Soul. The Soul of course is embodied by Spirit is the same fashion of Russian Dolls. By expanding in awareness, rather than rising in thought, realms of being that can never be found by the caravan of thought are realized and experienced as your own consciousness expands - shifting to know yourself beyond form.

When the mind is constantly thinking it stays stuck in the mental realm. The mental realm to give it, its due is capable of leading the spiritual aspirant to the Well of itself. Generally, through suffering Karma etc, but it gets there, nonetheless. The mind is capable of embodying the right understanding needed to surrender the ego or the thinking mind, but one cannot drink from the Well of its true Self until one has died of the mental realm and be born again of Spirit. In other words, one must know the thinking mind for what it is and rise above with the 'Being mind" in service of thy true Self. The personal (which is the thinking mind) must die, allowing the impersonal mind (being mind) to reveal itself in its absence.

Therefore, be still mentally & know that I am. Know yourself behind thoughts and feelings, behind the physical form. When you know yourself this way, you will know others in the same manner and will no longer have no need to suffer the anxiety of death. Either your death or anyone else's for while their form is no more, they are still known within the Silence and Formlessness of the true Self. When we are not afraid of death, we begin too truly live.

~ Tracy Pierce

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