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One's true and natural personality is shaped by one's true Self as the Unmanifest flowing through their being mind and out into the world. Then there is one's unnatural egoic personality shaped by the Mind itself - a Mind unconscious of itself Spiritually. The egoic personality is ironically shaped by nothing more than the Conscious Mind unconscious of every aspect of its Being other than itself. The Ego is a mind that generates its own thoughts within itself, therefore its own physical reality. Of course, one's physical reality will reflect a mind unconscious of itself Spiritually, rather than Spirit living through Mind.

This understanding is a very important understanding to have for many falsely believe that behind their thoughts is a Soul making all the decisions. There isn't. The Soul aka Awareness is the Light that provides the mind energy to think, however it is not the creator of thoughts until the Conscious Mind is sitting squarely inside the Subconscious Mind and the two minds are working as one with no discrepancy between them. When the Conscious and Subconscious Minds have become 'Present (I) Moment Awareness (Am) they become a perfect channel or reflection for the Soul (True AM) being Spirit (True I) to flow through the mind using it as an instrument of peace. Until this time, the Conscious Mind aka Inner I divide itself over and over and over again into copious thoughts that impersonate the obscured Soul aka 'Awareness' behind it.

The true Mind - the Christ or Zen Mind maintains an inner stillness (Meditation) in order to receive thought from its true Self as Soul (AM) being Spirit (I). Understand also there is the instrument - I-Mind-Consciousness which is what we use to create thought with and then there is I-Spiritual-Consciousness that is our true and eternal Consciousness that is the three Omni's. One must never confuse the two even though One always does. Thoughts inspired by the Consciousness of Spirit (I) are given to the Consciousness of Mind (I) that holds an inner stillness as the Presence of the Present. This is often referred to as Present Moment Awareness. The Presence of Mind (I) aligns with the Awareness (Soul - AM) of the moment. When this happens the I of Spiritual Consciousness and the I of Mind Consciousness merge as One. This is the meaning of the biblical verse...

So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” - Matthew 19:6

On a side note, note that what is said is 'What God (true Self) has joined together. It does not say what Mind has joined together. This is a very important distinction to make for it is important to understand that the Mind has no life of its own. It certainly feels and seems as though it does, however this is not the case. The true Self is forever moulding the Mind, through karma, like we do computers - programming them for our use.

An analogy that might shed light on this understanding, is imagining you are Jake Sully out of Avatar, forgetting you are in a tank projecting your consciousness into an avatar. He or you in this scenario become so fully identified with the Avatar that he/you think when it dies, so does he - so do you. Nothing of course happens to him in the tank when the Avatar dies. Likewise, with you when the mind/body pass away. You will still exist. Though the Soul still inhabits an instrument that populates the heavens, eventually even this instrument will dissolve in response to the Soul recognizing its undifferentiated Oneness with all Being and Non-Being.

Therefore, it is imperative, if we are to evolve properly and tell the right story via our lived experience, to distinguish between thought given and thought taken.

The Egoic Mind takes thought, as well as attracts thoughts like itself from the Egoic Universal Mind from which it is a part. It is never in the moment due to always being in itself aka its own self-generated thoughts. It is always in its own head, in its own thoughts about the present moment, that has just been, is or will be. Thoughts about the present moment and the present moment are two different places - two completely different states of Mind, that one cannot be in at the same time. For example you cannot be in the moment while thinking about the moment at the same time. One always cancels out the other. One must choose their master: Spirit or Mind. One is either going to serve the mind while lost in thought or One serves Spirit through being outside of thinking, in the moment. One can never be outside of thought of course for the mind IS thought, however one can keep the Mind Single rather than dual - more than two thoughts. The difference being of course is Awareness can use the mind when it is one pointed and focused. It cannot when it is scattered and obeying the Conscious Mind that takes thought from itself aka generating its own thoughts.

Thought can only be given when the Mind is still. The true Self is reflected upon a mind that is still in the same way the sky is reflected upon a still lake. This means the mind before realization takes place, must be purified and tempered, which amounts to balancing all the unbalanced Vasanas (Core subconscious tendencies) that causes Karma to be enacted in the physical. This is how we evolve. By living the pain in our subconscious physically. When we have finally suffered enough, we look for what will cease our suffering and of course this is always and ONLY the true Self. When the Subconscious Mind is at peace emotionally, the Conscious Mind will stop rising in thought and rest in peace that sees the Ego die and Spirit live.

Until the Mind is clear enough, we as Awareness (Soul) will not realize or recognize ourselves as Spirit, thereby mistaking ourselves for Mind. The true Self has to be able to see itself as a clear reflection in mind to REALIZE its true state of eternal and infinite Being.

The mind as Effect, as Form, thinks it is the true Self and that its role in life is to create Life, rather than reveal it as Spirit/Unmanifest Cause. This is quite a tragic misidentification and misunderstanding, with far reaching consequences in the physical. If one identifies their existence with Mind/Body - with Form, then one will fear dying all their life. This is living in fear, not peace, which of course has tragic consequences. The mind/body will eventually cease to exist as personal and become the impersonal property of Life (Your true Self) once again. This belief breeds fear. Fear creates chaos.

Furthermore, if the Mind believes it is in the creator of Life, then it will start to think - incessantly in order to create what it believes is a good life. It will do so in the same fashion a cancer cell does that is completely oblivious to the rest of its body, eventually killing it, as it is not aligned with or working for the whole, but itself as an individual unconscious of itself as Whole. This spells trouble for a number of reasons.

Firstly, if Life is created at the level of Mind, it will be experienced as being dualistic. What is good cannot be known without a contrasting opposite. This means the Mind must hold both good and bad in Mind in order to think, which in turn means both good and bad will eventuate in our physical circumstances as what it held in mind will one day be held in the body/body of the world. Secondly, incessant thinking acts like a veil, cutting off conscious awareness of the true Self Spiritually. This is because Mind Consciousness is not in the Temple (Present Moment/Subconscious) to become Conscious of itself Spiritually. It is distracted by itself - Mind generated thoughts. This breeds ignorance - blindness of Truth, as no one goes looking for what they believe they already have. The mind has no idea of there being a Spirit greater than he that is in the world. You do not want thought to originate from Mind but Spirit, where Oneness is embraced without Karma. Love is the only thing in the world that has no karma, and your true Self IS Love.

Once the meditative mind is held, incessant thinking ceases, allowing us to see our true Self beyond thoughts and feelings, beyond egoic imagining's. One stills the mind by intense focusing on anything to begin with. Some use the breath, others a candle. Whatever you use, it will at some point be replaced with and as the Present Moment. The Present Moment is what you want your thought/I of the Mind (Singular) to stay, for when your thought is Present Moment Awareness it becomes Conscious of itself as the I of Spirit. You will NEVER become conscious of your true I, with the thinking mind.

Life is all practice for keeping one's mind still in the ever-moving activity of the Moment itself. When this is done our story becomes non-fiction rather than fictional. Stories cannot survive long with thought to uphold them. Without thought we are merely the universe experiencing itself. Nothing personal. You have a mind and body, but they are not you. Just as you have a car and a coat, but they are not you. I Spirit Am Soul living through the I (thought) and Am (heart) of Mind.

~ Tracy Pierce

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