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When the Conscious Mind (I) rises in the process of thinking it rises out of it Temple Aka Subconscious/Human Soul which means firstly, it will create false images (Thoughts) that feed back into the Subconscious distorting the natural flow of the true Self (Spiritual Consciousness) flowing through it, while secondly not being present to receive the intuitive guidance given by Spirit within the Temple.

When the Conscious Mind (I) impregnates the Subconscious which is responsible for all manifestation with false images, one creates Karmic Vasana's Aka Emotional patterns that disturb one's peace, literally breaking one's heart, which is another word for Subconscious due to the emotional body being found within it.

Only be keeping a meditative mind that lives squarely in the present moment can we firstly be present within our own Heart/Subconscious, to receive spiritual guidance but secondly avoid breaking our own heart that sees us live on lifetime after another paying off Karmic debt.

~ Love Tracy

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