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Just for today slow down. Slow everything down; right down to what you say and what you do. Move slowly. Talk slowly. Eat slowly.

Your true nature as Consciousness being Awareness. If you speed through life, lost in thought, you become unconscious of being this Awareness. You become unconscious of not only what is going on outside you but more importantly, what is going on inside in you.

Imagine being in a car and speeding down the highway. How much of the countryside do you see? Now imagine being a car going at a leisurely pace. How much of the countryside do you see now? What opportunities will you see now that you would not have seen if you had sped down the highway?

What if I told you that if you stay completely still on this highway, so still that you lose all sense of yourself, that a portal to another dimension would open up? Would you slow down then? Because it is true. That is what will happen.

Rushing through life, lost in thought, absent in present moment awareness, navigating life blind without your inner light, without any spiritual vision to guide you, is no way to live and how most die. The highway is no place for a car with no headlights and no map.

If you keep your consciousness in present moment awareness, instead of giving it to thought (yourself), you will eventually become conscious of a presence of being, a guiding light called the Holy Ghost aka intuition. A sense of knowing and a sense of being a part of the entire whole. Spiritual vision is given to those that live in the truth 'thy being' not 'my' being. It comes at a price of course - one must pay attention to this awareness, with all thy heart, mind and body until you are no longer present in the moment but the presence of it.

Paying attention to your own Awareness ensures you as the vessel for your true Self as Spirit, is always inspired and guided aright.

~ Tracy Pierce

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