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In order to see the mind clearly one must rise above it by experientially identifying as ones true Self as Conscious Awareness

The conscious mind is attention. It is our consciousness aka the inner I - thought. The subconscious mind is awareness. an awareness that is heartfelt. You as the conscious mind aka thought, must take a step back (away from the outside world) to abide in your own heartfelt awareness.

When conscious of being awareness, one also becomes conscious of being awareness beyond one's own incarnated Soul (Mind or Son). The Son or Mind by coming together and creating a channel for Spirit become aware of itself as the ONE Soul and the One Spirit. By the joining of your will with the will of Spirit, you dominion over all matter.

Only then, in Self-Realization can one be master of the mind for one thought cannot master another thought as it tries to do egoically. To try and do so would be to divide your house or temple.

One's conscious mind, the inner I, must unite with the heartfelt awareness of the subconscious in and as the 'Meditative mind' thereby becoming ' Consciously Aware' providing a clear channel for Spirit to inspire our ways.

~ Tracy Pierce

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