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The true nature of the mind in both its masculine (conscious/attention) and feminine (subconscious/awareness) form is stillness, quiescence and an intuitive receptivity that forms a channel in which consciousness is conscious of Itself as Awareness. One is conscious of being aware when the conscious mind sits in the awareness of the subconscious that in turn is ever present in the moment. In this state the mind receives guidance via tuition from on high. Intuition.

The conscious mind when it rises in thought, rises out of its Present Moment Awareness temple that is part of the subconscious. The subconscious is not just sub to the conscious mind but also to Soul being Spirit. Spirit moves through the Soul and into the subconscious to inform the conscious mind. Everyone's subconscious when seen collectively as one constitutes the vessel for the purity of Soul which is love. Emotions are the daughters of Soul like thought (when present in the temple) are sons of the Spirit. Thoughts outside the temple are considered satanic aka false images, illusion or maya.

Living by intuition through the being mind is opposed to gaining a sense of its 'Self' or existence, through the senses in the outer world, which in turn encourages the mind to rise in thought that is taken from the mental realm of duality and separation, (rather than Spirit) thereby creating an ego or false sense of Self. Each and every thought built in the name of the false "I am' (mind) creates a stronger and stronger ego or false sense of self. The thinking mind is not your friend.

The difference between truth and non-truth is where one's sense of identity and presence/existence abides. Focus the conscious mind on the inner Spiritual world and you will bring forth into one's physical reality, all the added things of Spirit. Focus on the outside world and history will continually repeat itself, one ground hog day after another.

To reiterate, when the conscious mind (male -thought) harmonizes with the subconscious mind (female - feeling) it comes into its true Self by becoming the pure channel needed for inspiration.

When the two minds come together as one, the kundalini rises allowing the holy ghost (Intuition) to descend, which comes from Spirit, though the Soul and into the subconscious/conscious mind that now works as One Channel. The true mind which is another word for 'The Word" is the child of the divine which manifests through the conscious and subconscious mind that is united not only with itself but also its Soul and Spirit.

Hence forth, with the mind 'being' in such a pristine state, one's life is lived under Grace. Grace by way of definition is the Superconscious (Spirit/Soul), the conscious mind and the subconscious aligned and under the governance of the entire Godhead aka Life living itself - not in the NOW but as the Now.

~ Tracy Pierce

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