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We simply have to learn to be angry in a non-maleficent and if possible beneficial way. When anger is channeled correctly - stuff gets done. It gives us the courage and will to face what it needs to be faced with courage, drive and compassion.

We practice our anger responses through imagination first - imagining how we want to react so that when we truly are angry, the mind has a neural pathway that has been paved for it to move down, for when angry - emotion rules while reason is lost. If we can maintain our reason while emotional, we are half way there.

The other half of the journey is surrendering 'my' personal will for Thy Impersonal Will, for the reality is there is no individual person there to be offended. There is only the One True Self living through many individual minds/bodies. Realize the One True Self experientially and become the master of mind rather than its servant.

~ Love Tracy

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