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You don't have to put off meditation to a certain period of time. Remember meditation means being deeply present in The Now. It is a heighted state of alert awareness. It is, in truth, your natural state of being. You are a human being. Being is another word for meditation.

Chances are, at the moment, you won't look forward to meditation, putting it off as much as possible. People don't generally as a rule, rush to sit and be mentally still. In fact, to be fair, the mind in its egoic state, instantly recoils from such an idea more often than not. It is true that meditation may be boring to begin with, however it most certainly does not end up that way. In practicing meditation, it is only a matter of time before you begin to see what heretofore was unseen.

In developing the meditative mind, first slow down. Everything. Walking, talking, thinking, and eating. This is a great prelim to meditation.

Then, practice moving meditation aka mindfulness. Learn to be present in the moment while absent in thinking. This means keeping your mind with your body. You will through this state of being that life is very good at living itself without one having to manipulate it with their thoughts. If any thought takes you away from your body or does not pertain to the present moment, disregard it while keeping your mind focused on The Now where your body is. Mindfulness also leads you to the direct experience of 'sit down' meditation. Moreover, direct meditation leads you back to mindfulness as mindfulness is the reason, we 'practice' meditation. Both types of meditation feed into each other. In other words, staying mentally in The Now is the only way to Self-Realize, that in turn brings us to our true purpose for this particular incarnation.

Meditation is not done to improve your egoic lifestyle. It is practiced for the purpose of doing away with the ego (False sense of self) altogether. When I say direct meditation, I mean contemplative meditation in which you as mind are communing directly with your own Spirit of Being in a sit-down purposeful communion that illuminates. Your true intelligence, you as mind, as an incarnate Mind-Soul are Consciousness (Spirit) being Awareness (Soul). If a thought rises in this meditation that does not pertain to your meditation, then it is not meditation. One's Consciousness must be in its Temple of Awareness in order to align with one's true Self and receive intuition that is more awareness than it is thinking.

Most people can usually only hold a few seconds of 'no-mind' aka meditation for a few seconds, so start there. For five seconds in every hour aim to spend 5 seconds listening with an intuitive inner ear for some kind of illumination. It will come in silence, silence being the voice of Spirit. This silence is experienced by the mind as a knowing that carries with it no doubt, nor any real understanding how you know - just that you do. The ensuing silence may not speak to you in that exact moment, however, never make the mistake of believing this inner silence is not having a positive effect on your affairs. This silence will go before you all day, guiding you in ways that it could not have done, had it not been given an opening. What is revealed is not as important so much as the practice itself. Over time, extend the time of this discipline until you can sit in meditation indefinitely and with no effort whatsoever.

A good time is when you are caught up in traffic or doing the dishes. Teach yourself firstly to relax, this is imperative. Foundational in fact. Then teach yourself to hold a single thought in a broad awareness, as discussed in earlier, making sure to include your emotional centre aka heart, for the awareness you seek is found in the heart aka subconscious. Remember the mind will not linger long if the heart is not present, so be sure to FEEL your meditation. Let or allow the love within (and it is there even when it feels as though it is not!) to rise up & flow through you and into the moment you are in. This too is imperative if you are going to get anywhere with meditation. Remember your mind is not just thought but feeling too. In fact, it is more feeling than it is thought. Employ both in the art of meditation until they come together as one. I thought am feeling.

If you feel the moment in meditation, it will help keep the conscious mind still (I can't stress that enough!). The heart or emotional centre (subconscious) is very good at stabilizing the conscious mind that rolls out of it like a wave. For it is in the heart or subconscious that the conscious mind must learn to abide in, in peace and stillness. The two minds working in harmony become a pure channel for intuition to make itself known to mind.

The conscious & the subconscious must learn to live & work together. Your house has been divided & ransacked by a den of thieves (thoughts) long enough. It is time to keep the conscious (attention) mind still within the subconscious mind's awareness of Being. It is time to be whole again and align with ourselves Spiritually.

~ Tracy Pierce

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