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Basically, Self-Realization boils down to keeping the conscious mind, which is our attention (Presence), still in the awareness of the subconscious/Present Moment Awareness. That is basically it. In doing so we create a channel for Spirit flow through. In doing so we prepare the temple so that the Holy Ghost aka Intuition can make the vessel - which we have mistaken to be ourselves, its home. One the two 'I am's' come together as one, we as mind realize our true Self as Spirit and are liberated from the shenanigans of a mind cut off from its Source.

The conscious mind is a vessel for Spirit like the subconscious is a vessel for Soul. Once they are working together in a meditative state, the mind, which is the Incarnate Soul and the one true Soul begin to merge as One within one's Spirit aka true Consciousness. One is then able to live by Faith alone which is a sense of knowing that is received intuitively. We will just 'know' what to do, say or be in any and every given moment due to being guided inwardly by Spirit and outwardly by Soul though signs, synchronicity, and serendipity. It really is that simple.

~ Tracy Pierce

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