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If you aren't conscious of yourself as Awareness, you will create life unconsciously due to being largely ignorant of your true Self as Awareness aka Soul. You will instead create from the mental realm as opposed to the spiritual realm due to identifying as mind rather than Spirit. This being the case, Life will either be a shock or surprise as well as being entirely deterministic. Just like a pre-programmed computer with no WI-FI is.

It is deterministic for the mind as the mind is not what creates life. The mind reveals life. It is Spirit that creates life. Mind just thinks it does and thinking is an illusion as well as the veil that hides the true Self as Spirit.

Free will implies a high degree of Awareness therefore free will is only lived by the Enlightened. Free Will is lived by the free - by Spirit - not mind.

Man, most certainly does have dominion over all things - all effect - all matter. Anything you can see, comprehend or perceive, man has dominion over. But as a realized man - not an egoic man. As a mind aligned and serving Spirit. Not as a mind cut off from itself Spiritually. This must be clearly understood. You are here to serve the truth - your true Self. Life is not here to serve you as an ego. Life serves Spirit, not mind. The mind reveals life, it does not create it. You believe it does because you do not know yourself Spiritually. Only knowing yourself as mind it is only natural you believe you as mind create it.

The true Self is all beings and serves all Beings. The ego is a 'seemingly' an individual being that serves only himself, only being conscious of himself. Free will in his hands would be disastrous not to mention impossible. The mind only knowing itself acts like a cancer cell, creating life while disconnected and unconcerned with the host, the body - the body of the world.

What is natural for the Spiritual Man would be breath taking and miraculous for the egoic man once the law of creation is understood and aligned with.

Therefore, be still and know that I AM Spirit, not man cut off from his Source like a branch from the vine. As soon as you are conscious of yourself being 'Awareness' which is another word for Soul, you will be able to bring forth the added things of Spirit into your life. In your present egoic state that is impossible as the mind cannot create or manifest what it has no conscious awareness of. Instead, life will reflect a mind cut off from itself Spiritually rather than Spirit creating through a mind aligned with its Source.

~ Tracy Pierce

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