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Close your eyes to see with your Inner I means to stop reacting to the outside world, which causes your inner I to rise in thought, thereby losing your consciousness to them. Consciousness that is needed to realize the truth Self within the present moment. One cannot use the Inner to create thought and receive it at the same time. One cannot serve two masters. One is either consciously giving life to egoic thoughts or life to Spiritual inspiration by virtue of how the Inner I is held, thinking or being.

As Reflected Consciousness aka the conscious mind, thought or Inner I, turn your attention to being the Awareness of the moment. This must be heartfelt. I cannot stress that enough.

"Being can only be felt, it cannot be thought" - Eckhart Tolle.

Be conscious of yourself witnessing life unfold while being intuitively and serendipitously guided by your higher being. You will know, without having to take thought exactly how to act, be, think and say in each and every moment. This is living by Faith that is experienced as a 'knowing'. Knowing is a different experience entirely to feeling and thinking. This means always holding an inwardly receptive state of being that is deeply present in the moment. Unbeknown to you and many other Souls, consciously at this point, our true consciousness is guiding every Soul to help manifest your true purpose for being here if you would only let it. You interfere with true creation by trying to create your life instead, you will impede the full expression of your true being.

“Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans.” – John Lennon

~ Tracy Pierce

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