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This is good advice, however if your heart aka subconscious has not been purified and tempered, then the conscious mind will not be able to rest in it. The Conscious Mind aka thought, will keep rising out of its Temple looking for peace through the eyes of flesh.

Of course, the most sensible action would be to say in your heart anyway, and deal with the pain you find there. Rather than rising out of it through one distraction or addiction after another so you can escape what does hinder you, through changing your body chemistry with drugs or alcohol or shopping or gambling - whatever gives you the feel goods. With whatever helps you avoid what is unconscious in the Subconscious.

Its hard work I know but give up your distractions and addictions even for one day and see what comes up. Sit in that energy that’s climbing the walls, trying to understand it and where it is coming from. Once it has been heard and dealt with, it is one less skeleton in the closet to scare you.

Once your heart is resting in peace, your mind will be able to do so too. This is when your true Spiritual work begins. For the Temple has been prepared. You are ready to meet your true Self and purpose for being here.

~ Tracy Pierce

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