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Our sense of self is more or less formed as a child. Unfortunately, our childhood is scattered with false beliefs taught to us by parents suffering their own childhood. However, these false beliefs can end with us. The sins of our Fathers need not be visited upon our children. The Subconscious holds many core beliefs that can be dismantled and dissolved through meditation and mindfulness irrespective of what psychology will tell us. The stillness of Mind allows the Light of the true Self in through the Subconscious, cauterizing these core beliefs Aka Vasana's, that in turn free us from past and future suffering, while at the same time bringing clarity of Mind through Divine reasoning. You need not continually seek to Self-medicate with whatever drug of choice you use to deal with the pain. You need not pay the price of an ignorant society seeking to punish rather than understand and rehabilitate. You can rise above the mind and your suffering.

~ Love Tracy

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