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The only way to resist the moment is to think about it. There is no other way to resist it.

Otherwise, the moment and you are one. You are not in the moment - you ARE the moment. Meaning your presence of being is not apart from the moment but a part of it with all being, yours included, directed from Spirit, (not mind) simply flowing along together, unfolding, and revealing the love and truth that life is.

You think you can do a better job of life by manipulating the moment? Hustling, worrying, working, considering, judging, exhausting yourself thinking thinking thinking. How has that worked out for you so far? Not so well perhaps? Maybe then it is time to consider letting go and surrendering yourself to spirit - your true Self. Now I understand this is a big ask considering I am asking you to surrender to something you are not conscious of yet. However, I do believe you know there is an aspect of your being that heretofore you are not aware of, which is why we have so many so called 'Truth Seekers'.

So, this is how you seek and find. Firstly, understand all the metaphysical principles that advise why staying in the moment is essential. Your mind has to be in on its own awakening.

Secondly, stay as present in the moment as you can and when I say present, I mean with all your heart. You have to love the moment, for if you do not, your mind will not stay there. You know this is true. How long do you stay anywhere if your heart isn't in it? Moreover, this is how the conscious mind which is attention first starts recognizing its own Soul as Awareness. It starts with the subconscious aka heart.

Thirdly understand that by keeping the mind focused on one thing - preferably the awareness of the moment, it prevents other thoughts from breaking through and distracting you from the temple from which you receive intuition. For while you are quiet in the moment, going about your business, intuition will come to you. How is highly personalized. Some feel it, some know it, some hear it, - there are so many different ways and means Spirit communicates with mind. For me I am claircognizant. I just know.

How will you know you have connected to Spirit? Because you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt. If you are not sure, then you have not. You have instead been tricked by the mind who love to impersonate Spirit. Furthermore, you will find yourself experiencing peace on an ever-deeper level of being causing you to worry less and smile more.

~ Tracy Pierce

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