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Spirit (I) Aka Spiritual-Consciousness works through the Soul (Am) Aka Awareness which in turn flows through Mind Consciousness which is the Conscious Mind (I) Aka Inner I which flows through the Subconscious (Am) Aka Human Soul. This is why Mind-Consciousness needs to be held in a state of meditation - mindfulness Aka 'Praying without ceasing". If Mind Consciousness becomes active in the creation of thought, - if the Inner I Aka Conscious Mind starts conjuring thoughts instead of holding a stillness of Being, it does one of two things: Firstly, it rises out of it Subconscious Temple which means it becomes unconscious of itself Subconscious and Spiritually and secondly, it starts to defile the Subconscious Aka Human Soul by building personal filters (Beliefs - ideologies) created at a personal level that is unconscious of itself Spiritually. Thus, the Ego is born. In order for the Ego to die and realization of the true Self to be born, the Conscious Mind (I) must hold an inner stillness within the Subconscious (Am) Temple, so that it aligns with its own Am - its own Soul, which is aligned with one's eternal Soul (AM) and Spirit (I). In this way we live as I am that I am - which is living under and as Grace.

If the Conscious Mind rises in thought outside of the Temple, it forms a personal sense of Self that is separate to the whole of its own temporary (Temple) Soul as well as its true Self as the eternal Spirit (I) being Soul (Am). Having a personal sense of self means that you will have your own thoughts and will separate to the true Self. Every thought you have will resist your true Self - it will resist Life trying to live itself through the temporary Soul Aka Subconscious.

Can you see? The true Self is living your life for you - all you have to do is surrender to it in meditation and follow the synchronicity of the whole - fall into those serendipitous moment and listen to the tuition being given from within - it is reaching out and teaching you all day every day - you (As the Conscious Mind that thinks) just have to be in your Temple to witness it. This requires only that you stop thinking and start being present in the moment for the whole moment is both your temporary Soul and the true Soul.

~ Love Tracy

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