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You as the Conscious Mind Aka thought which most identify with, should not responsible for creating life via thinking, even though much to our detriment it is often used as such. The Subconscious Mind has already been pre-programmed with your best life. All you have to do is let it unfold without taking thought for it, which does nothing but resist Spirit or the Moment or the Soul or whatever term and conceptualization you are most comfortable with.

You see while the mind in its Egoic state (Unconscious of itself as Spirit) it will create a life separate to the one life - not realizing it is one with life - not realizing it does not have a life but is life. The Ego will therefore, go against your best life causing untold suffering.

If you want to live your best life - stay as deeply present in the moment until you become the moment itself. Until all sense of the personal disappears and you are simply life living through a temporary life Aka costume or part one plays in the 'Big Dream". This is why Jesus - our allegorical beloved character says to resist not. To not resist the moment - surrender to it. Surrender to your own Soul.

~ Tracy Pierce

Sri Ramana Maharshi on Surrender

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