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Part of practicing mindfulness or meditation for that matter, is putting yourself into a safe place. We are not, as a beginner of these practices, going to sit peacefully in the moment while anxious about the future. We simply are not ready too.

This means sorting through your life and disposing of everything that doesn't just work for you and that which actively works against you. It could be a messy house and car or possibly workstation. Disorganization of not just possessions but money and time is a big factor is people's inability to stay in the moment initially.

It is true these areas of our lives improve as our practices of meditation and mindfulness improve, however that hardly seems pragmatic to the new, nervous and anxiety ridden spiritual aspirant. So sometimes simpler, more practical, and earthly measures are necessary to begin with.

Spring-clean the house and car. Both reflect your inner being. Does it look or seem to you like you are at peace with your personal surroundings in the present state they are in? What about your financial situation? Is that organized and running smoothly? I don't mean are you out of debt, as the times we are living in make that almost impossible for the average person. The world want you indebted to them sadly. What I mean to say is, is it manageable debt? Does it run like clockwork in that you don't have to continually give your attention to it?

Make organization of your entire life a priority while beginning the art of practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness is all about slowing down, being methodical and taking time to smell the roses. It is staying fully present in the moment with all one's conscious attention anchored in our subconscious awareness of the moment, completely focused on the here and now. You must convince your mind that is it safe to let go of thinking and let be what is.

When one's mind is quiet, quiescent, and open hearted while present in and of the moment, one is led by a sense of knowing (Faith) that knowingly guides us in what to do, be, think and say in the moment. We are led by a Faith or Knowing, that is imbued with Spiritual vision. Vision that the mind in and of itself cannot offer you as it only represents the individual not the collective. The mental dimension simply does not have the vision of the Spiritual realm which is omniscient - all knowing.

Understand that if you are not in your temple aka Present Moment Awareness, then you are not present to receive the Holy Spirit aka Intuition. You will be forced to take thought and live from the mental realm as opposed to being guided intuitively and serendipitously from the Spiritual dimension of being.

I have to admit I get nervous whenever I step outside the present moment and into thought, as I know very well that I will lead myself astray with my uninspired thought. I have a long history of it lol. And one is not always conscious immediately one has left one's temple. It is like meditating in that you sit down to meditate (Be still with no thought) and before you know it 20 minutes have passed with you thinking about dinner or this or that and you realize - damn I am meant to be meditating - I am meant to be just being - not thinking. As time goes on however the awareness you have slipped out of the present moment, comes more and more. Once you realize you are not present - you are.

So, be here now. Be fully present, which means out of the process of thinking. Let the senses come alive with the true "I" of Spirit guiding them. Trust your Spirit guiding you in the moment, over your mind. Realize deeply you can do this. You can live without incessant thinking. Try it. You will be amazed what goes your way when you align yourself with your Spirit of being, over your mind of thinking.

“Prepare the way for the Lord, (true Self as Spirit), make straight paths for him.’” – Mark 1:3

~ Tracy Pierce

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