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The Present Moment is like plugging the mind into the life itself much like you would do with your computer when connecting to WIFI. This WIFI leads to the core of your being. Thy true Self that is omnipotent omnipresent omniscient. The Alpha and the Omega.

When one is fully present in the moment, one becomes aware of a dimension of being that until that moment, one was completely unaware of. This connection leads to a dimension of being that will be more real to one, than one's reality now. Because it IS the real you, in real time, outside time. After realization of this dimension, you will look back and wonder how on earth you could have believed you were living before this moment. Akin perhaps to a quadriplegic regaining use of his limbs.

Similar to the internet there are certain checks one must consider in ensuring a good connection.

Are you physically, emotionally & intellectually present? Is your mind, both consciously and subconsciously as One, present with your body and the body of the world at all times? Or is your body in one room while your mind is in another or perhaps another country? Is your whole being aligned in this particular moment? If so, it is only a matter of time before you are also present in the Spiritual Realms for consciousness that remains still collapses in on itself, expanding into realms the senses cannot detect.

One must bring as much presence (Conscious attention) to the moment as one can. Copious thoughts will bring static upon the screen of life, distorting the connection to Spirit one is trying to establish. Remember the right frequency for a good connection is the Now. Thinking (Creating thought as thought) always takes one out of the now, putting one into mental concepts that are not real, even if they 'appear' real in the physical.

Bear in mind, that people will hold thoughts of sickness and poverty in their minds due to separation of Spirit and Mind, therefore, will manifest these false images held in mind, in the physical, giving testimony to a lie. The lie being, this reality was created by mind cut off from its Source, not one's true and eternal Self as Spirit.

Are you apperceiving as opposed to perceiving? This means are you looking from the Soul through the Subconscious made conscious by the stillness of thought or are you inside your thoughts perceiving the world as thought? Is your conscious mind attentive to the subconscious that holds a pure awareness of the moment? (The subconscious is always present in the moment). In other words, your conscious mind is not lost in thought concepts but attentive to the subconscious that merely sits in intuitive awareness of one’s surroundings while experiencing the moment. For it is the subconscious that houses the door to intuition, to Spirit. Intuition cannot come to the conscious mind except through the subconscious Aka the Human Soul. This is why it is so important to be emotionally at peace and in touch with your emotions. To honour how you feel for life has no meaning if it is not felt. Life without feeling is akin to watching a movie you do not care about or have no interest in.

If so, in this manner, in which you have consciously and subconsciously aligned with the present moment, your connection to your truth will be felt and then it will be known, bit by bit, step by step, ever expanding. The Conscious Mind thinks, the Subconscious feels, the true Self knows. This is the way.

Understand that 'knowing' is a different experience to thinking and feeling. It is its own experience in and of itself. It is what you will be left with once the mind/body pass away. This knowing starts off small, hardly detectable until it fills your whole being. It will be more real to you than the reality in which you are reading this now. Of that, there is a certainty. Knowing is another word for Faith or Claircognizance. It transcends all dimensions of Being.

From this point on, so long as you are connected, so long as you are fully aligned with all aspects of your being, you will be guided from on high. How God (Your true Self) speaks to you, why or when I cannot tell you for Spirit speaks to us all in our own language of understanding in its own time and place All I know is it will be through love and peace for love and peace are the cornerstone of any and all Spiritual practices.

~ Love Tracy

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