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Always remember you are not conscious AS the mind, you are conscious OF the mind.

Never identify with the mind least you limit yourself whilst expressing duality: One day you have it, one day you don't: Life, love, health, wealth etc.

Become conscious of being Awareness Aka Soul.

Do this by keeping the mind as still as possible so that it reflects the Soul like a still lake reflects the moon and stars....

Allow yourself this realization of being thy true Self Aka the Lord (Alpha) through the recognition of a pure mind (Omega).

"Be still and know that 'I AM'" - Psalm 46:10

The Pathless Path is to be still (Meditation) and know that I am.


~ Love Tracy

Below is a video by Swami Atmananda Udasin "You Are Not the Doer of Your Enlightenment" (Highly recommended)

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