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This!!! What seeks? Mind Consciousness seeks! Thought aka Mind seeks! Spiritual Consciousness does not seek. The true Self does not seek. It has nothing to seek for it is Conscious of and as All.

It is the I am-ness of Mind Consciousness that Seeks. Never the I am Consciousness of Spirit. I am that I am now and for all time. The 2nd I am in what is termed God's name, is the Mind and it is unconscious of itself as the first I am of Spiritual Consciousness.

The I am-ness of Mind due to being unconscious of itself in relation to the I am-ness of Spirit, believes then in two powers while mistaking itself for Cause rather than Effect.

The I am-ness of mind cut off from its Source like a branch from the vine, now theorizes about his origin as if it might or might not be real, while identifying as the Cause and Creator of life rather than its true role in revealing Life as Effect.

Due to misidentifying with Effect - with form - with the Mind/body the mind is then misused. Rather than keeping a stillness that serves the Spiritual Realm in the giving of thought, it takes thought from the mental realm of duality separation and limitation and creates with that. With his own mind - which is substandard in relation to Spiritual creation.

When you hold a meditative mind that stills all thoughts and feelings, which distracts and misuses one's Consciousness aka Attention, one becomes conscious of being Awareness - the Soul behind them - that had no hand in the creation of these egoic thoughts/feelings. In meeting the Soul (Am), you have met your true Self for it is an expression of Spirit (I).

This is Self - Realization which is realized when illusion falls away. Illusion is created by a mind that is not conscious of itself Spiritually. This illusion held in mind as reality, is played out in the physical world - distorting reality. Creating false images such as sickness, poverty and limitation etc.

By keeping the mind still in the ever-moving moment, illusion is dispelled. Reality rushes forward once the mind is freed from its false identification and use of the mind. Reality asserts itself in the physical once the mind stops filtering the purity of Light from one’s true Cause – one’s true Intelligence as Spirit.

The seeker falls away when the mind holds a sure state of Being over thinking. Like a mathematical error (Wrong use of mind) that prevented you from coming to the right answer for hours, days, falls away into the nothingness from which it arose, when the right (right use of mind) formula is applied.

Basically, Self-Realization boils down to the right use of mind. You will not find your true Self via any kind of thinking no matter how profound. The true Self is realized when thinking ceases and Being Now begins.

~ Tracy Pierce

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