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The purity of Spirit as it passes through the Egoic mind is filtered with erroneous beliefs and ideas formed by a mind unconscious of itself Spiritually, therefore, all beliefs, ideas etc formed by mind, are steeped in fear, duality, limitation, and ignorance. Hence why you see sickness, death, violence, war etc in the world today instead of the purity of Spirit. Thoughts coming from Spirit, flowing through a clear and quiescent mind, mean all true images morphing into mental and physical manifestations and demonstrations are perfect to behold in the physical. Thoughts coming from Spirit, flowing through an egoic mind, however, will have its purity of light distorted, delayed, and sometimes destroyed, causing much pain and suffering in the world. This is why we see Spirit and Ego displayed in life.

If one's mind has been tempered and purified, sitting in a state of clear emptiness, devoid of all personal identification through identification with the true Self, when the purity of Spirit passes through the mind, it flows through without being tainted or sullied by a false image created by a mind full of itself and trauma.

Spirit works through the unmanifest activity of the true Soul, which holds the manifested human Soul (Subconscious) within her unmanifested womb as the activity of all life such as Karma. Love which is the One Soul is literally the movement of life. The Soul imbues the Subconscious with the Divine Idea given from Spirit, for the Conscious Mind (Thought) to give life to in the physical. This does not always happen as the Conscious Mind is often absent in the Temple where intuition is given while present in its own self-generated thoughts. Fortunately, the Subconscious does not need the Conscious Mind to take care of the body such as keeping the heart beating, breathing, digesting, and eliminating food, or moving you out of the way really fast if danger is sensed. The Conscious Mind really is just the witness of life.

The Conscious Mind is needed however when it comes to purifying the Subconscious so that Spirit is no longer veiled or distorted as it flows through the mind and out into the world. It is as Jung says, 'We must make conscious what is unconscious'. This is either done, through meeting your subconscious projections in the physical dressed up as people and scenarios that ensure you take note and relearn a different way of operating or alternatively one can practice Present Moment Awareness, in which the light from Soul Aka burns the impurities away, leaving one clear minded.

To conclude, the world around you is a combination of Ego and Spirit flowing into the world as either a manifestation or demonstration of themselves. The determination of their said demonstrations etc is entirely reliant on one's mind state which is either 'thinking (Ego) or Being (Christ or Buddha Mind).

~ Love Tracy

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