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When we lose clarity of mind (Veil) we forget - lose sight of - become blind to the truth we are Awareness -Soul (Am) which is the activity or body if you like of Consciousness (I) Spirit. That happens as soon as we are taught to think for ourselves. Rather than receiving from the Spiritual Realm intuitively, we create mentally from the mental realm.

We then begin to identify with the Mind and body which causes us to keep creating life from the mental realm as opposed to revealing it from the Spiritual Realm as Awareness working through the mind - an instrument of peace. We forget ourselves and identify with the instrument.

The mind is not an instrument of peace when it takes or creates thought from itself as mind rathe - from the mental realm of duality while completely veiled from its true Self Spiritually - its true and eternal life - its true and eternal I am. Thinking is akin to ripples in the water. They veil the real.

The I am of Mind is not the true and eternal I am of Spirit. The two can only meet and merge as one in and as Present Moment Awareness. When the mind is clear of misidentification and impure thoughts (Thoughts originating from the mental realm) the true Self is seen and recognition or realization of the Unmanifest Self is experienced.

Cause is seeing itself through effect. The reflection is pure.

~ Tracy Pierce

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