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What this means is if you sit with yourself long enough just watching your thoughts without judging them at all, what does hinder you subconsciously will surface. Generally, we are too busy distracting ourselves from the pain in one way or another so never really face our demons or as the meme says the bodies of our enemies.

Sit for 20-30 minutes a day with no distractions and watch what comes up intellectually and emotionally WITHOUT any kind of judgment. You can decipher them at a later point but not at this time. This is important. Watch how, over time, the bodies of your enemies, your inner demons rise to the surface to torment you. Let them. Let them show their faces so you can face them.

This is how we make the unconscious conscious, transmuting the darkness into light. This is one of the ways in which we purify our Temple, so that the undifferentiated Light that is our true Self can flow through out Being unfiltered, unfettered, and free.

~ Love Tracy

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