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You are the true Self - always have been and always will be. All you lack is the mental realization of this. So, the answer isn't in using the mind to find Thy Self, the answer is in losing the mind which is the cause of the illusion - the Maya.

Clearly one cannot take a step towards oneself, so movement of mind is not going to end the mind so to speak. It is stillness that ends the illusion of Mind. The conscious mind being a reflection of Consciousness cannot use the mind to look for itself - meaning it will not find itself through the caravan of thought/thinking. The conscious must BE still. Awareness is the essence of Being and Awareness is the Soul, so let us 'BE' in the moment. In this manner, the Conscious Mind, Aka the reflected Consciousness of Spirit merges with the minds Awareness (Subconscious or Human Soul) so that eventually the Conscious mind works with its own Soul in the pure stillness needed to embody one's true Self as Spiritual Consciousness. It is only through the Human (Subconscious + Conscious Mind) Soul that our true Self as Spiritual Consciousness is known.

Therefore, hold the Conscious mind (I) in its true state of meditative stillness that serves the Spirit rather than the Mind. Focus the mind which constantly dividing itself in copious thoughts just like an embryotic cell divides itself into a living person. Hold the mind as a One-pointed and focused thought that is aware. Many thoughts are thinking. One thought is awareness. Being which facilitates awareness is not thinking. Allow this still one pointed Mind to let come what comes and let go what goes within and outside itself. Meaning just be the still witness to the movement of Life. This is your Mind-Consciousness (Attention) merging with its own Subconscious which is your Soul of Awareness. Together they facilitate as the Temporary Temple (Instrument of Peace) the true Soul of Awareness directed by our true Spiritual Consciousness.

This is the beginning of becoming conscious of yourself as Awareness, as Soul beyond the Temporary Temple of the Human Soul Aka Subconscious. Once we become Conscious of ourselves as the Witness - once we become conscious of ourselves as Awareness (True Soul [AM] beyond the Human Soul [am]) it is only a matter time before we consciously know our true Consciousness, our fullness of being Spirit (I) . Here the I am of mind is swallowed up by the I am of Spirit so that I live yet not I. This is our true Self being IN the world of form but not OF it as the true Self is formless.

The Mind Aka Human Soul once it is stilled acts like a mirror or still lake reflecting the true Self. When the true Self is revealed, the false Self breathes its last. You only believe you are Mind Consciousness because you are ignorant of yourself as Spiritual Consciousness. Once you truly see yourself with the Inner I rather than the eyes of flesh that are blind to Spirit, the Ego falls away naturally.

Remember the Conscious mind is merely an instrument for the Son, which is a projection of the Father. The Conscious Mind is a focal point of Spiritual Consciousness when filled with the Holy Spirit Aka Atman, Christ. Buddha or Krishna etc. The Son is not the full measure of the Father any more than a lightbulb is the full measure of electricity. The Son (I) can only come to the Father (I) through the mother which is the true eternal Soul and the daughter which is the Human Soul (Temple) Aka present moment.

In summary and conclusion then this is how we find our true Self. First, we heal the Subconscious through being as deeply present in the moment as possible. Doing this means we become conscious of all that hinders us, allowing for divine reasoning that heals what Eckhart Tolle calls the 'Pain body'. After the Subconscious Aka Human Soul has been healed and the Conscious Mind can rest in peace within its own Soul Aka Subconscious, the two minds work together as Present Moment Awareness that facilitates the realization of the true Self. It in principle this is easy, in practice not so much, however, take heart for you will always be given the strength of effort needed.

~ Love Tracy

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