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Present (I) Moment Awareness (Am) is your Temple. Your Temple is the ONLY place that you can become conscious of thy Self as Awareness Aka Soul and receive the gifts of Spirit. If you are in your thoughts, you have closed the door to Spirit - to your true Self. If you are in your thoughts, you are in maya - an idea of reality rather than reality itself. Reality can ONLY be the Present Moment. Spirit cannot reach you if you are not in the world if you are in your own thoughts. You are basically saying I will let the thoughts of my mind guide and inform me rather than thy Spirit.

Stay as present as you can in the moment, and you will be guided home. Beware: your mind will continually try to convince you that this is not enough, that you should be doing something far more productive to achieve enlightenment. It's lying. don't listen to it. Every time it tells you this, smile at its ignorance and be present anyway.

You will not find a higher practice than this nor any favourite guru of yours that will contest this statement.

~ Tracy Pierce

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