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The conscious mind (That which we use to think with) must be held in a state of being in Awareness (Soul), rather than being present in its own Consciousness as thought. Consciousness rising in consciousness is Maya, Consciousness rising in Awareness is reality.

Consciousness (I - Spirit and its instrument the 'Conscious Mind') is referred to as male while Awareness (Am - Soul and its instrument the Subconscious Aka Human Soul) is referred to as female. If Mind Consciousness rises within itself in the conjuring of thought, it is considered a homosexual act for male is rising in male in the creation of thought.

However, if the Consciousness of Mind rises in the Awareness that is both the Human Soul (Temporary form/Temple) and the true eternal Soul (Am) which is the activity of one's true eternal Self as Spirit (I), then we are rising in reality Aka Present Moment and giving birth to true images that flood our being from on high.

Can you see the difference. Egoic thought is the Mind rising in itself - conjuring its own thoughts Aka False Images, outside the Present Moment which is the Soul of itself and the true eternal Soul (Am) that is the activity of Spirit (I). This type of egoic thinking always gives birth to abominations such as limitation and duality, sickness and disease, addictive behaviours and desire ridden intentions that create Vasana's.

If, however, the Conscious Mind stays within the Soul of itself Subconscious) and the true Soul of Spirit together known as the Present Moment, then True Images given from Spirit (I) flowing through and as the activity of the true Soul (Am) acts upon the subconscious, to be made conscious by the Witness Aka Conscious Mind that sits within the two Souls. We call these true images true thoughts, or the Holy Ghost, Intuition, Faith or Claircognizance. Bear in mind this type of thinking is not really thinking as you know it now. It is both different in quality and quantity. It is received effortlessly and never taken.

So, you can see then that all homosexual quotes within the bible have nothing at all to do with homosexual behaviour between men or women. They have to do solely with false images (Ego) vs true images of the true Self.

"Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin." - Leviticus 18:22

Being - the Meditative Mind Aka the Christ or Buddha Mind is more than the absence of 'thinking'. It is the absence of all beliefs and ideologies within the Subconscious, leaving the Temple Aka Human Soul or Subconscious, pure and tempered in Peace.

Through the Conscious Mind (I) being present in its own Awareness subconsciously (Am), redundant emotional patterns that linger in the emotional body are brought to light, healed, and then released. Simply being Present in the Soul aligns us with the Light of Spirit that illuminates the mind with Divine Light enabling us to see what we could not as the blind Ego. What we can see, we can heal. This is the first step in meditation and Self Realization. Healing the emotional body from egoic incarnations is important if the mind is to attain the peace that attracts it's like: The Prince of Peace. (One's Spirit being Soul).

As Consciousness continues to expand in the Awareness of its own Soul (rather than rising as leavened bread does within itself), more of our being is revealed allowing us to become conscious of our Souls intentions, learning our true purpose for being in this incarnation, while merging with Spirit to become One again, rising in the Grace we once fell from.

This is why the bible says to eat only unleavened bread which is bread (Aka thought) that does not rise outside the Awareness of Soul, as opposed to leavened bread that does rise outside the Soul. Rising within itself as a homosexual act.

"Ye shall eat nothing leavened; in all your habitations shall ye eat unleavened bread." - Exodus 12:20

The healing of the fractured mind, both consciously and subconsciously makes ready the temple in that it creates a perfect channel for the Soul being Spirit to guide us using the Holy Spirit aka Intuition/instinct/Faith/Claircognizance. This spiritual guidance flows from the I am of the Alpha (True Self) to the Omega (Temporary Temple) Aka the I am of mind, which was born in the Alpha's image to be an instrument of its Peace. I am that I am. I am the Alpha flowing through the I am of the Omega.

This is the Buddha mind that lives from the inside out, whose mind is one pointed and focused while in the perfect peace of NOW. The Buddha mind, the Christ mind, or the Zen mind lives by Faith alone - by thought that is given - never taken. Faith is spiritual insight that is intuited by the higher (Right) mind that lives in the Soul being Spirit or the I AM. Faith is otherwise known as "Knowing" that the conscious mind in turn transmutes into knowledge via the thinking or lower (Left) mind, which in turn impregnates the subconscious to give birth to the Divine Idea or Word in the physical.

~Love Tracy

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