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Studying the mind as a student nurse, I realized that the mind was more of a receptor than a creator. It was more like a radio station that picked up radio waves to play on its station rather than creating itself. The music that comes to mind when your mind is still is heavenly. Move the mind and the quality of sound diminishes. Likewise with Divine images. The more active the mind the worse the connection gets.

"Meditation is the expulsion of all thoughts' – Maharshi

In other words, meditation is a still mind. A mind that holds itself as ONE thought of awareness that is a hyper alert mind state, receptive to tuition from higher dimensions of its Being. To learn meditation is to become a disciple of one's true Self, for meditation is all about disciplining the mind to free the Soul within. Awareness Aka Soul is the very essence of meditation. As soon as the Mind is clear enough, like a reflective lake the Soul sees itself in the clarity of mind, instantly realizing and remembering its true State of Being. This is realization.

The mind as it stands today, though a necessary part of evolution, is in an unnatural state called an egoic state whereby one's Awareness (Sou) is locked into the maya of symbols and false images it mistakes for reality. Reality are not ideas or ideals - reality is Now. Now is the Present moment that is held with a singular Mind that is awake to all dimensions of its Being. Not a dual-minded state that renders itself unconsciousness.

The thinking mind is impressive I know, however, relatively speaking, compared to its true Intelligence as Spirit, it is not so smart really. For example, the Zen or Christ Mind would not create a weapon to destroy all life on earth, nor hold any dis-ease of either mind or body within it. Learning how to use the mind correctly is like learning to breathe properly. Breathing like thinking feels like the most natural thing in the world however, we do it all wrong as the disease and unrest of the world will act as testimony to. Being dual natured, it brings forth the best of times and the worst of times, which amounts to lack of peace and Grace. New habits must be formed, and this takes discipline. It will feel unnatural at first however within time, you will be able to pray without ceasing, which is meditation and/or Mindfulness. Such a state of Mind brings forth the highest potential of being for this lifetime, for it looses the Spirit within.

When beginning meditation set a timer for however long you want to practice being Awareness, so you do not have to consider 'time'. Five minutes or ten - it is up to you. Joel Goldsmith says to start at 30 seconds and go from there. You will know how long you can practice the Presence through trial and error.

Allow yourself to be concentrated. Never try to concentrate yourself. This happens slowly and almost unconsciously. The mind cannot master itself - only your Spirit can do that so what you do is relax deeply and profoundly - loosely focusing your mind as Consciousness to be present in your own Awareness of the moment. Let your attention follow your awareness. Awareness is everywhere. Let your attention abide in it. You will lose awareness when you start thinking because thinking requires your consciousness, however you will eventually notice, that you have and when you do, you bring yourself - your attention back to attending your own Awareness of just being in the Moment without taking thought for it. This will happen a lot initially. You will set a timer to stay fully present in the moment for 20 minutes, then 3 minutes in you realize you have lost your consciousness of being Awareness, due to being distracted by the thinking Mind. It is natural and expected. As soon as you notice you have lost consciousness of your Awareness being Now, bring it back and stay with it until it happens again and then bring it back and so on and so forth. Eventually your mind will stop wandering and stay put. That is when as Presence you marinate in the Presence of Soul being Spirit and the two I's merge into One. Do not get impatient with yourself because that is only detrimental and pointless. It will take as long as it takes.

Eventually the time between you staying awake while consciously attending to your own Awareness and unconsciously falling into thought (Sleep) will lessen until you can stay present for a whole minute without your mind distracting itself with its own Consciousness. One minute will turn into two and two into three until it is a way of life. Soon enough realization is experienced, and life is effortless, peaceful, and joyful. Even one minute of one pointed concentration as Awareness, will bring enough light into your Being to completely amaze you. It will be like a snowball but gathering light rather than snow.

Meditation is another word for Being. Being is an inactive mind state and thinking is an active state. In mediation you experience a hyper-alert state of Awareness that is one-pointed in its Presence yet focused on nothing in particular. If you find your mind rising in thoughts, you do not react - you simply watch them like you do all object relative to thy Awareness. Remember noticing yourself thinking is your que that you are in the wrong state of mind again, so go back to being instead. In principle it really is that simple. Let thoughts become just another object in your subjective reality that you do not respond too but are aware of.

If you can infuse love for the moment you are in right now, do it. Wherever it is in you that loves - that wells up within you as love - bring that forth into the moment. Love always anchors the mind and keeps it steady.

It is important not to become discouraged when you find your minute meditation broken up with thought. It is part of the practice. It is this way for all. Eventually you will get to a point whereby you can stay fully present in the moment without falling asleep (Thinking). Everyone does. Sometimes I have been in the act of 'thinking for a full 10 minutes before realizing - omg I was supposed to be meditating. Sometimes you catch yourself in 10 minutes sometimes in 10 seconds. Your Soul as the omniscient Awareness of all being will break into your consciousness making you aware 24/7 when it is your time to awaken. For thy Temple is not build with hands but the karmic bonds of love directed by the natural intelligence of the Spirit of Life.

All practices that fail and succeed alike are equally beneficial. You need make no effort that way. Just keep up a minute meditation 3 times a day, returning your attention to being in Awareness (Mind in Soul) while holding a loose Awareness that judges nothing. The activity of the moment which is your true body as Soul will guide you home to thy Self.

It is important to note that relaxation is the key. It is major. It is fundamental - foundational. Just as it is to float on water or falling asleep. Meditation is all about taking the brakes off - taking our foot off the gas and letting go of controlling the world around us. We surrender and move with the moment, rather than resisting it with our thoughts.

Notice if your body is holding tension anywhere. If it is then actively relax it. Carry on observing the movement of life from a place of mental stillness until the timer goes off. Learning to relax must be accomplished along with a steady and unwavering mind. Both are possible with intention and discipline. Practice stretching your attention by watching long movies or listening to people. Really listening. That is a good way to practice being fully present. Listening without considering a reply is a good meditation. Anything that causes you to be fully present in the Awareness of the moment is - perfect.

You may to begin with, mediate for a couple of days and then not again for a couple of months and then for a couple of months every few years then one day you want to meditate all day every day. This is how it is. There is no rhyme nor rhythm. Awakening is life - everyone is doing it in one way or another, at one time or another, whether they are conscious of it or not.

Let your differentiated (Subconscious or human Soul) and undifferentiated Awareness (true Soul), include the understanding that in using the mind this way, the 'meditative mind' it is free to receive the fruits of Spirit that come as serendipitous moments full of synchronicity, clairvoyance, claircognizance and peace etc. You will receive tuition from within. How I do not know but you will without question. How will be personal to you and sacrosanct. It really is no one else's business unless you decide it is. Always respect this relationship in other people as much as you do in yourself. This is the most important relationship anyone will ever have. It dictates all other relationships.

While meditating I listen to everything around me. I start watching everything without judging it - labelling it or having any curiosity about it. I just let my awareness float without attaching it to something. I keep watching the movement of Now, until I get to the point where I forget myself and are just the awareness of the moment. The activity of it, not the appearance itself. If I can know it with my physical senses, then I know it cannot be me. Just like the eyeball can see everything in the world but itself.

I do not see with my eyes but the I thy true Self. So, in Realization, one does not see the true Self - you KNOW the true Self. This is because eyes use seeing and the third or Inner I's uses 'knowing'. The I's mode of communication is Knowing - sometimes called Faith or claircognizance. This is the ONLY way you are going to know and experience yourself as Spirit. I know holding this mind state, will feel uncomfortable at first and alien, however this is your natural mode of Being. As Soul you are omniscient and as Mind you are claircognizant. You will adapt like a fish to water. This is the Zen Mind - the Christ Mind. Knowing is different to thinking and feeling. It is altogether different. You must try to experience the difference. Knowing is Faith. Faith is beliefs big sister. It is never dual but whole and sure. It harbours no doubt. And it always accomplishes that which it sets out to do.

If you want to experience this Faith - this Knowing Aka claircognizance then feel your own I am-ness. Note how you KNOW you exist. It is not a feeling you exist or a thought - rather you KNOW. Like you KNOW you exist without needing proof. In fact, even if you did want proof there isn't any. You cannot prove you exist for you cannot prove ontologically that what you are experiencing right now, is not a dream. It very well could be. It does not matter of course. Even if it is a dream, you exist in it. So, you cannot prove you exist, however you KNOW you do even if it is a dream. This is the knowing you should take note of and get a feel for. Start pondering how Knowing is a part of your Being. This is how you will commune with your true Self - through the I of your Being, which knows.

The thinking mind sees with the eyes but the being mind, does not use the eyes, it knows with and as the I if life itself which is never personal. Life is always the Impersonal living through the personal.

"Be still and know that I am' -PSALM 46:10

~ Tracy Pierce

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