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The thinking mind Aka Conscious Mind when it rises out of its Temple (Subconscious Aka Human Soul) in the creation of thought, is no longer present to receive intuition guidance that comes through the Temple of the Human Soul which sits in the womb of the one true Soul which is the activity of the One true Spirit. If the mind is kept as One, rather than dividing itself into copious thoughts like a kaleidoscope, it is able to receive psychic impressions from Spiritual-Consciousness Aka intuition. Moreover, time and space can only come into operation when the mind divides itself in thought. Space can only exist in the presence of two. There is no space in one. Without space, time cannot exist. This is how life begins - with the division and differentiation of one cell. Mull over these principles in consideration of all that you are and are not. #netti netti ~ Love Tracy

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