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Brahman (Alpha) is the true Self reflected in and as Atman (Omega) - this is the true Self Aka I-I or I am that I am.

I is always the Male Energy and most often called Spirit or Consciousness. Am if the female Energy and is most often called Soul or Awareness. Soul Aka Awareness (Am) is the activity of Spirit Aka Consciousness (I).

Brahman is often referred to as the Alpha, Spiritual Consciousness, Father, God, true Self, I AM, among many other names. Brahman is basically Nonconceptual Consciousness being Undifferentiated Awareness.

Atman is another word for the Omega, Son, Christ, Buddha, or Krishna if you like. Atman turned inwards it is I-I. This I-I or I am that I am is Brahman being Atman - the Alpha and the Omega. Turned outwards and Atman becomes the Ego.

"The mind turned inwards becomes the Self, turned outwards it becomes The Ego and all the world" - Sri Ramana Maharshi

Understand again that if as Atman you are actively projecting yourself forward you bring the mind (The 5 Sheaths - Human Soul) to life as yourself. If, however you hold a meditative state of Being, you bring your true Self as Brahman to life who goes before you to make all the crooked places straight. Crooked places refer to neural networks as mind that comes under the governance of Spiritual Consciousness as opposed to Mind Consciousness when the mind is held as One Thought of Awareness.

Never get mixed up in thinking (As opposed to Being) by projecting yourself as Atman into and as Mind Consciousness which is nothing but judgments bouncing back and forth between two polarized states of Good and Evil. This is Ego. As Atman, you do not want to give your life to this inferior state of Being which is not really being at all but thinking. You want to give your life to your true Self as Brahman through holding a mediative mind. Meditation is another word for Being.

The Ego which is Atman unconscious of itself as Brahman can only know a good thought through the presence of a bad thought. This is a double-edged sword which means, if you want to be your idea of a good person through holding just good thoughts, you have to have a subconscious idea of what is a bad person to compare it to. Can you see what is happening here? You are holding both good and bad in mind. Good in the forefront of mind and bad in the depths of mind Subconsciously, and we both know that whatever is held in mind will one day be held in the body. This is the way of Ego. Eventually no matter how good you try to be, bad will eventually come forth because it lives in the Subconscious as an idea. Remember your Subconscious, along with everyone else's IS the present moment. If life is a shock or surprise to you, it is because you do not know yourself Subconsciously. You do not know all the unconscious depths that is held within the Subconscious. You are basically in a vehicle you have no idea how to drive. It is no wonder we crash a lot.

When all guru's advocate holding the mind as one thought they are encouraging meditation which is the expulsion of all thoughts leaving only one thought of Awareness. Awareness always denotes Soul - either the Human Soul Aka Subconscious or the One true Soul which is the activity of Spirit/Brahman. This one thought we hold ourselves as amplifies the love and light shining from our true Consciousness beyond Mind Consciousness that in turn purifies the Subconscious Aka Human Soul. If the Subconscious holds a pure state, the mind will not rise in copious thoughts looking for its peace in the outside world.

Try it now. Keep your mind as one thought, do not let it divide itself. If it starts too, bring it back to being one thought of Awareness. You want your conscious mind which is attention to marry your subconscious mind which is awareness and meditation is how you do this. This is Present (I) Moment (Am) Awareness. When the Mind Aka I-thought or Atman is still, Brahman - the true Self etc can then merge with it. Now I live yet not I. Do you see?

The 'I' casts off the illusion of the 'I' and yet remains 'I'. Such is the paradox of Self-realization. The Realized do not see any paradox in it. Consider the case of the worshipper. He approaches God and prays to be absorbed in Him. He then surrenders himself in faith and by concentration. And what remains afterwards? In the place of the original 'I', self-surrender leaves a residuum of God in which the 'I' is lost. That is the highest form of devotion or surrender and the peak of detachment. - Ramana Maharshi

The Being Mind Aka Meditation is the only way to turn yourself as Atman around to face your true Self as Brahman Aka I am that I am or I-I. Only then can the Mind assume its correct state of Being which is not thinking. Thinking is when Mind Consciousness rises in itself, creating a world from the mental plane of existence. Being is when Mind Consciousness as Atman holds a state of Being for Spiritual Consciousness Aka Brahman to flow through and bless the world it created when first projecting Atman within its own womb (Soul or Am).

Purify the Human Soul Aka Subconscious through remaining still within and as it as the Conscious Mind or Atman. This allows Brahman into mind to make all the crooked places straight. Then plunge into the Mind into the heart of Awareness (true Soul) whereupon you know Thy Self as Brahman.

~ Love Tracy

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