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One single thought.

One single thought is called awareness. When the mind divides itself into two thoughts or more, we call it thinking.

So, there is thinking and then there is Awareness. Put another way, there is thinking and there is being. Being is another word for meditation.

Awareness Aka Soul is the essence of meditation.

Meditation is one single thought.

Try it. Hold one single thought.

Look around you now - being aware of everything while not thinking of anything. Just be aware - let your awareness be heartfelt (Feeling the moment is important). If you mind starts to divide itself into more than one thought, through judging something or contemplating something - just bring it back to resting as one thought of Awareness again.

Keep doing this until the mind stops wandering and it will. When it does, your true Self will reveal itself to you - liberating you from the shenanigans of Mind in realization of the eternal and infinite Self that is felt as a Peace that passes all understanding.

Holding the mind as one thought mimics the nature of the eternal soul allowing the true self and its reflection (mind/body) to move as one. This is the Spiritual marriage spoken of whereby what God Aka has joined together, no man can separate.

~ Love Tracy

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