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Meditation is your true nature as mind, therefore, relax, eventually all will come right in its own time. There is nothing you have to do to be the true Self because you are already it. You just have to let go of the illusion you are not. This illusion is kept up by the thinking mind. Once the thinking mind ceases so does the illusion. So does the false self – the Ego.

The thinking mind when it is still is called the Being Mind. Being is another word for meditation. Meditation purifies the mind, in that all that is not of the true Self falls away revealing the true Self in its purity.

The mind, from years of individual and collective thinking – from rising in thought finds it very hard, very difficult to maintain the meditative stillness that is required for realization of the Self.

First attempts to meditate will be felt as something you want to avoid at all costs. It is prudent then to begin the slowing down of mind slowly. If sit-down meditation is too much of an ask for you at the moment, find another way to slow the mind down. Moving meditation, I find is the best thing to start with. The fastest way to still the mind is to move the body. Keep your mind present in the moment by witnessing everything including your thoughts and feelings, without judgement. This is mindfulness. Every time a thought tries to steal your attention from attending the moment you are in, bring it back home to itself in the moment. Keep doing that until the mind by force of habit, stops leaving the Present Moment.

Then try sit-down meditation in which deep communion/union wipes the dust of your feet – meaning purifies the mind that is daily contaminated with universal thought knocking at its door.

If mindfulness is too much, then try just slowing down everything. Eating, talking, walking, every-single-thing. Even drinking. This is great practice and very effective as a prelim to embodying the Zen or Christ Mind.

So, now you can start your meditative practice today with no exceptions and no excuses. In your own time and way, simply slow down. Then a few weeks or months later try mindfulness perhaps, then weeks or months later again, sit-down meditation. Expect these practices to require effort and discipline. However, if it is your time to wake, you will find yourself given the necessary effort and discipline from On High. If you find you do not have the heart for it, and the necessary discipline and effort, even though you really want too intellectually – then relax, let it go and be happy anyway, knowing when it is your time, you will be given them and you will succeed.

~ Tracy Pierce

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