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One small step at a time. Anything else is too tricky. There is no rush for anything. Your true nature is eternal. Relax and let life unfold. A peaceful mind is a still mind. Not one full of thoughts, causing one emotion to rise after another to torture yourself with and cause your body to be ill at ease/disease.

One's mind cannot be still within the moment until the mind feels safe. Until the mind is relaxed. Until the mind is not so cluttered & confused or paralyzed with feeling overwhelmed.

Therefore, perhaps the first step in mediation or mindfulness is creating a safe space within and outside of yourself, so that you can allow your mind to relax, at least to the point of beginning meditation and mindfulness - the art of Being - of truly living effortlessly.

So, de-clutter your mind by de-cluttering your life. Clean the house and car - get them both in order. Same with your desk or work area. Sort your debt out so it is manageable in that it does not consume your time with worry and anxiety. Let all aspects of life become orderly so that you can put them out of your mind, allowing yourself to rest in the moment from worrying about them.

This may seem backwards for some spiritual students, but we have to start somewhere, and initially the mind does have to be in on its own awakening.

When you have accomplished organising your life, so that your mind can cease incessantly worrying about loose ends, you may start the art of meditation and mindfulness.

Once an hour or perhaps two (Or for as many times as possible) meditate for five or ten seconds holding your mind as one thought in an open awareness of just being where you are and what you are doing. Be sure this awareness is heartfelt. Your mind will not stay long any place unless your heart is there. Let your mind hold a relaxed attention in the moment and AS the moment. Allow yourself to be aware without focusing on anything in particular. Just let the moment be what it is without any conditions or expectations. Be inwardly aware as much as you are outwardly. Without judgment. Remember every thought, no matter how good, is a judgment, so let all judgments go. You want to lose yourself in the moment as the moment. You want to let the personal go to be in and as the impersonal.

Do not let your mind run off into a stream of thought. You want to be relaxed & present in and as the 'awareness', of the moment, as opposed to focusing on mental concepts and/or the manifestations of these mental concepts that judge the moment and yourself as separate to the moment.

Be consciously aware with your whole body. In the same way you would be if there was a noise in the middle of the night, which caused you to jump out of bed, listening to where it is coming from. You're not just listening and looking with your eyes and ears, are you? No - you're being aware with every sense in your body. You are feeling with awareness. Hold yourself in this manner as often as you can throughout the day. Let this state of being become a habit. Remember being is felt more than thought. This is important to note.

The quieter your mind, the more peaceful your emotions. The more serene the mind is, the more intuition is heard and known, and the more you will attract to yourself what you need to get ever closer to your true Self and purpose in life. Synchronicity and serendipity are the rewards of a quiet mind and a peaceful heart. They are life saying, we hear your truth and are one with it.

~ Tracy Pierce

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