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The mind when held in a meditative state, which is always one-pointed, acts like a magnifying glass does under the sun (Son). The true Self shines through the sun (Son or Buddha etc) burning away impurities held in mind, such as karmic Vasana's (Fallacious core beliefs) etc that project themselves into our physical reality, so that we might become conscious of all that is unconscious within the Subconscious Aka heart Aka Human Soul. The more feeling (Love) put into this meditation, the more intense the light.

"Be still (Mentally) and know that I am" - Psalms 46:10

I advocate, mindfulness which is merely moving meditation to begin with as the quickest way to still the mind is to move the body. Simply hold your mind as ONE THOUGHT - which is awareness (Apperception as opposed to perception which is derived from the thinking mind). Every time the mind wanders or tries to divide itself into two thoughts, bring it back home to being only one thought. Keep doing this until it stops wandering.

~ Love Tracy

The great master Maharshi explains here in this short 3 minute video the principles I speak of here and how to accomplish them...

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