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People misidentify with their mind and body, which is subject to time and space, therefore birth & death. Only to spend their lives fearing death either for themselves or others. There is no true peace in this. Peace is only peace if it is eternal - if it is consistent and everlasting.

If eternal peace is to be had, then one must identify with the eternity of Spirit if one is to live without the fear of death. One must know themselves as Spirit experientially. This must be an experience. Not just in theory, not just mentally for this will not render the fruit of Spirit nor give one the reassurance they seek. Rather belief is a fruit that will leave you ever hungry for more. A belief is formed by a collection of mental concepts. Mental concepts without the Spirit of truth in them are not real. They are mental concepts only. False images created by a false sense of 'self'.

One must know themselves as Spirit beyond the mental and physical planes of being. In truly knowing one's Self as Spirit then one's mind will bring forth true mental images and concepts (thoughts) that in turn harvest the true fruits of Spirit. One must not believe they are Spirit, nor think and feel they are, but truly know themselves as Spirit. In the same way you know you exist. Knowing is not thinking or feeling something but actually knowing which is a different experience in and of itself. This knowing experience will be more real than your sense of existence now. An existence one equates with thinking and feeling. Reality is beyond thoughts and feelings. This reality when realized, when held mentally as true, will come forth into the physical world as all the added things, for a tree will bear fruit of its own kind.

The Truth or true you, is not something imagined or that you make yourself believe. I see a lot of people claiming they are awakened or are ascending etc & it is nothing more than the mind fooling itself. One hypnotising themselves into an idea of what they hold to be true rather than what is true.

For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many. Matthew 24:5

In other words, ideas will rise up in the egoic mind claiming truth, however the truth is beyond ideas, beliefs or concepts made and entertained by the egoic mind.

Belief is always fifty/fifty. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it does not. Belief also does not serve the whole, rather it often serves only the believer. Knowing, otherwise known as Faith however never fails to achieve that which it sets out to do. Moreover, it not only works for the individual but also for the whole, for in truth there are no others. There is only One being many.

So shall My word be that goeth forth out of My mouth: It shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. - Isaiah 55: 11

As previously stated, Self-Realization brings with it the added things such as synchronicity and serendipity in life as well as enhanced intuition and inspiration that guides one to their best life. It brings peace of mind, health and wellbeing, abundance and a felt connection to all beings great and small. You are no longer a person with limited vision, but Spirit with Spiritual vision living through an avatar, with your life being testimony to this. Peace in mind brings peace on earth.

However, it is worth mentioning to never judge an appearance as appearances are often deceiving. One's life is fated for a specific purpose that appears to contradict the manifestation of all the added things, though this is usually not the case. This being said, irrespective of appearances, the pearl of great price which is a peace that passes all understanding is always in all ways the Presence of the Self-Realized. These people will have a Presence about them that is peaceful, assured, unassumingly loving.

Self-Realization is realizing the true Self that is behind the curtains of mind and body as Spirit eternal. A Spirit that is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient. It is the alpha and the Omega, meaning outside of time and space - the beginning and the end of all creation. When one is experiencing themselves as Spirit, there is no sense of personal I am-ness, there is only a sense of Life living itself for One is All and All is One and I am that. Love will be your reason for everything.

One must die to the identity they are a mind and body that is kept alive by the thinking which that creates a false persona, so that one can be born again of Spirit - identifying as Life living itself.

~ Tracy Pierce

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