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When the mind and body pass away, all personal sense of self is gone, yet the body - even though it is constantly morphing into different forms, still has life in it. If it did not, then it would not have the ability to morph into another effect - another form that gives life to the Unmanifest Cause of All. So, there you see - you are both Cause and Effect. You are the Unmanifest Cause of ALL Effect impersonally and personally.

The Ego only knows themselves as the personal. The Realized know Thy Self as the Impersonal being personal.

The difference between someone that is realized and someone that is not, is the illuminated one 'experientially' (not theoretically) knows themselves as Thy Self - as both Cause and Effect that move and act and are One. They are the Impersonal living through the personal. They take nothing personally as they do not identify as the person but the Spirit within the person - a Spirit that is ALL persons - all beings - all life. Leading from Spirit, they are in sync with all of life and the truth of All beings and non-beings.

The unillumined only know themselves as Effect. They are unconscious of themselves as Cause Spiritually, therefore, mistaking their minds as being the cause of all effect. They create life from the mental realm as opposed to the Spiritual Realm. They are literal rebels without a Cause. Rebels, because if one is not conscious of the Whole, one will inadvertently work against it. If the minds master is absent, the mind will follow its own will, blind to the will of its true Self in and of Spirit. Their thought creations resist the beingness of Life living itself. Cause is no longer aligned with Effect. Effect is like a branch cut off from the vine.

Know myself as Thy Self. Know thy self impersonally living through the person. Then you will not fear the passing away of yourself as effect for you are anchored in and as Cause. Cause that gives life to all Effect. You are One being Two. You are Love.

~ Tracy Pierce

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