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This quote is basically saying that in order for you to get real with yourself, you have to stop thinking - which creates ideals - and simply be in the reality of the moment as it is.

Now you may not like the moment as it is, however, it is what it is, denying it wil not help you. It is best to stay in it and do your best, for here is the secret and the reason one should not resist the present moment with thought....

The thinking mind is the veil. It prevents one from being Present Moment Awareness which is one's Temple of Being where one receives intuitive guidance from their true Self as Spirit. Only as the Presence of the Present can you be open to receiving the blessings of Spirit.

Only by being Present Moment Awareness can the not-so-good moments turn into moments that you never want to end. Only by being Present in the moment can you align yourself multidimensionally with all aspects of your being.

~ Tracy Pierce

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