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Awareness is the activity or body of Consciousness and what is often referred to as our true Self. It is how we as Consciousness know ourselves. (I) Spirit (AM) Soul. This is our true Self - our Soul which to the mind is like the sun. Likewise, thoughts risen from the Consciousness of mind are as clouds. The sun cannot shine its light on us if our head is clouded by thoughts. Thoughts obstruct the sun’s rays from reaching us as the consciousness of mind, transforming us and raising us up into the Spiritual being we are.

The only way to become conscious of being awareness, awareness being is our subconscious mind and the present moment combined, is to hold our consciousness mind – our attention as thought, singular rather than letting the mind rise into a stream of thought akin to clouds. By keeping our focus on the here and now as one thought being attentive awareness, we starve all other thoughts from intruding. This allows us to stay deeply present in and of the moment where we receive spiritual guidance in the forms of intuition, instinct, serendipity, and synchronicity. Over time our consciousness deepens, expanding deeper within ourselves until our true Consciousness is revealed. As our consciousness deepens all the answers to our questions concerning the truth of reality are answered as we embrace our omniscient nature.

Be the sun breaking through the clouds - A.D.Posey

~ Tracy Pierce

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