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The Subconscious Aka the Human Soul, which reincarnates lifetime after lifetime, is an instrument or work in progress of the true Self - the true I am. The Conscious Mind, which you use to think with, rolls out of it like a wave from the sea. Our job is to keep these waves within the sea rather than rolling out - washed up on the shore. This is so we might make conscious all that is unconscious within the subconscious. Doing so is called either meditation and/or Mindfulness.

When the mind stays united as One, it becomes a channel for the true Self to work upon. It aligns all aspects of our being which is why the Subconscious is called the Temple or the door to the Spiritual Realms. If the Subconscious is pure, the Conscious Mind rests easily within it, without rising out of it causing chaos and karma.

The light of the true Self can then fully illuminate the mind, flowing out into the world unfiltered by Ego, unfettered and free to bless life as Life.

See the mind as one would a river that flows from and back again to the sea. If there are rocks (Vasana's with Karmic tendencies Aka fallacious beliefs through misidentification with form), they will cause the river to become chaotic - filled with rapids that can drown the Soul in despair and suffering.

However, through Present Moment Awareness the light of the true Self, shines on the river, illuminating the rocks so that we can 1 - navigate around them and/or 2 remove them from the riverbed, allowing calm waters to manifest. The calmer the mind, the easier it is for the true Self to see its reflection in it - allowing Self-Realization to take place.

I will not lie; this is a painful process but a necessary one that leaves us walking on water so to speak. Through this process we master the mind rather than being mastered by it.

~ Love Tracy

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