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Atman (I) is a projection, reflection of Brahman (I). Atman is another word for Buddha, Christ, or Krishna. It is the I of our being which when we identify with, we know ourselves as Brahman - the true Supreme Self.

The Am of Brahman is the true and eternal Soul. Therefore, Am could be described as the body or the activity of the I which is Brahman. The true and eternal Self then is "I AM". This is the true Self that projects itself in and as Atman Aka Christ, Krishna, or Buddha.

Atman sits within the womb of the true and eternal Soul - Am. Atman creates the mind - the world and the universe by doing as his true Self has done and that is projecting himself forward. The Am or Human Soul of Atman Aka Mind is composed of either, 3, 4, 5 or 7 sheaths depending on your choice of conceptualization when it comes to your religion, philosophy, or school of thought.

I tend to use three to four:

1/ the Conscious Mind which is the primary I- thought, and which we identify with. This is what we use to think with and is our seat of Consciousness or put another way it is the seat of the Ego.

Then there is the 2/Subconscious which holds the activity of what our Conscious Mind has fed into it since birth, which unfortunately resists the true Life of Spirit also working through the Subconscious.

3/ Within the Subconscious is unconscious aspects of our past lives that are either repressed and not active in this lifetime or are active in this lifetime and are experienced as Vasana's (Subconscious Tendencies Aka Core belief's) we must address and heal. By purifying the Subconscious Temple, the Light of the True Self is able to shine through it unfiltered, unfettered, and free.

4/ Atman, Christ, Buddha, the reflected I of Brahman or Krishna is the true Mind which is revealed once the Conscious Mind stops trying to impregnate the Subconscious with false images (Thoughts) by resting in peace within the Subconscious in a meditative state of Being. This is the true Witness and reflection of our true Self as Brahman Aka God or Supreme Self.

"The Self turned outwards is the Ego and the whole world. Turned inwards it becomes the Self" - Sri Ramana Maharshi.

Ego is formed when Atman projects itself forward into and as Mind Aka Human Soul while in the Womb of the One eternal Soul directed by Spiritual Consciousness. The three Gunas are responsible for a lot of Self-forgetfulness and are addressed in another post. The Conscious Mind is Atman's (Christ) instrument, just as Atman is Brahmans (God or true Self). The Conscious Mind rolls out of the Subconscious like a wave when we rise in thought, or we create thoughts. Atman through looking forwards into and as the Conscious Mind, rather than backwards towards its true Self as Brahman, therefore mistakes himself for the I of the Conscious Mind, rather than the I of Brahman (God)

So, as you can see, the Subconscious is also the door to the Super-Conscious Aka Atman, (Christ or Buddha etc), the true Soul as Awareness and the true Self as Spiritual Consciousness.

When the Conscious Mind rests in the peace of the Subconscious and they work together as One Mind, they become the Christ Mind that aligns with the true Self as Brahman. This is living under and as Grace. Grace is alignment as all aspects of our Being Multidimensionally.

~ Love Tracy

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