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Anything that reminds us, we have left the moment - the flow - is a Godsend. Literally. Suffering or pain are like that aren't they. They tell us hey, wait a minute, you are resisting life through imagining you have a life of your own, a current or will of our own.

In believing we have a life of our own we resist our true Self as life itself, causing chaos and mayhem in not only our reality but the shared reality of the whole, which in truth we are. We are both the Collective and the individual - we are the Impersonal living through the personal. Unfortunately though, the limitations of form cause us to forget this, and we live life from the personal within the Impersonal, which distorts reality due to our distortion of mind.

Reality is identifying and living life as the Impersonal through the personal. We Are the One Life being many lives. This must be an experiential understanding. Our identification must be centered in the Impersonal, otherwise we will form unnatural attachments to form, while forgetting our omniscient majesty.

This is what it means to rise in consciousness. Rising from Mind Consciousness to Spiritual Consciousness, rising from the limitations of form (Mind/body) to the unlimited and eternal Consciousness of the formless - Spirit.

As form (Personal) you are limited to being One person. As the formless ONE (Impersonal) you are not limited in any capacity because you are ALL forms and non-forms. Why be attached to one form when you KNOW you are the ONE formless ONE, in all forms. You are one being many.

~ Love Tracy

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