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You Brahman Aka God projecting yourself as Atman Aka Buddha, Christ or Krishna cannot serve two masters at once. Either you are serving the true Self as Brahman/God by keeping the Mind still, so that the unfiltered Light of Spirit can shine through the Mind/Mental reflecting the Spiritual into the Physical or alternatively one can serve the Ego through misidentifying as Mind/body in which one rises in the creation of thoughts, thereby filling the Subconscious (Human Soul) with one egoic filter after another, which in turn serves the Mind rather than Spirit.

Remember the true Self which is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient is desireless. If you desire nothing you will be given everything.

The thinking mind serves itself; the being mind serves Spirit. The being mind lives by Faith which is another word for clair-cognizance or 'Knowing' which is a far superior use of mind than traditional incessant inspired thinking of today's world.

The realized Self sees Spirit flowing through the instrument of Mind/body in the creation of life.

The unrealized Aka Egoic Mind rises in the creation of thought it conjured itself, which prevents and distorts the flow of Light, thereby defiling the body and the body of the world.

When one identifies as Mind, they create life with the mind, however when one realizes themselves as Spirit, the mind becomes still in the service of Spirit Aka True Self.

~ Love Tracy

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